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Happy holidays everyone! The Autumn Term starts for children on Thursday 5th September

Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School.At St Mary's we combine modern facilities and teaching whilst retaining traditional values.“There is a strong sense of nurture which leads to the provision of warm pastoral care”. Ofsted 2016.“Standards are consistently good and on track to become outstanding”. Ofsted 2016“Pupils behave extremely well. Their conduct is outstanding”. Ofsted 2016.

Kingfishers News Week 

Our topic this half term is 'Our Green World'.

Week Beginning 10th July

Oh my goodness, can you believe that this is the last full week of term and it has been jammed packed! In science this week we revisited materials and looked at their properties. We made umbrellas from pipe cleaners and chose 3 different materials to cover them in. Then we sprayed them with water to find the best waterproof material.

And look who came in to visit us on Wednesday morning......

We have been learning all about churches and went to St Mary's church to see what we could find both inside and out. We thought about how churches make us feel and why churches are important. We were lucky enough to hear the organ being played too!

Back at school we thought about the different uses of a church and then re enacted a wedding. We learnt about the vows that are made by the two people getting married in front of God and the different people that help out at weddings. After wards we had a wedding breakfast and the bride threw her flowers for someone to catch.

Week Beginning 19th June

This week we have been using the text 'Jim and the Giant' to look at traditional story writing. We retold the story and thought of different rhymes for the Giant to say. If you would like to hear the story again, pop along to the Kingfisher pages on the VLE. We have been learning how to log on to the VLE pages during ICT.


In RE we have been thinking about the features of a church, both inside and out. We thought about all the people that go to church and what jobs might need to be done.

During art and science we have been looking closely at plants - finding out about the different parts of a plant and looking at the diversity. We used pastels and coloured pencils to draw them.

Week Beginning 5th June

This week we started our new topic, 'Our Green World' by listening to a poem by William Wordsworth and responding in painting. We painted some beautiful fields of daffodils. In maths we have been adding 3 amounts of money together to find totals.

On Wednesday we all went on a school trip to Wisley Garden, we were very lucky with the weather and had a brilliant time.

At Forest School this week children have great fun despite the weather,  making super nature crowns.

Week Beginning 15th May

This week in literacy, we have been listening to stories about Mr Grinling. We then wrote character descriptions and retold the story using story language and with as much detail as we could remember.

We had lots of fun in science this week - investigating how our shadows changed and moved throughout the day. We took lots of measurements and recorded these in a bar chart.

In maths we have been using our number bonds to add on to the next tens number. Didn't we do well?

It was the final week of Forest school for group 2 and what a fun time everyone had. Miss Lankester got a fire going and everyone toasted marshmallows - yummy!

Week Beginning 1st May

It was so nice to have an extra day, we hope you made the most of it! Back in the class we have been finding out all about Grace Darling and her courageous deeds. We looked at pictures painted to find clues as to what she might have done. Once we had gathered all the facts together we wrote a newspaper article all about her.

During art we have been investigating and drawing lighthouses, whilst in DT we have continued to make pictures move. This week we used levers and pivots in our designs.

In numeracy this week we have been helping Princess Proper and Sir Slice A lot slice up shapes into halves and quarters. We also had to count bats and rats, sort them into halves and quarters before catching them!

Forest group had great fun learning how to make dens and use a saw to saw up a branch! They had to be very careful and use their listening skills to stay safe!

Week Beginning 27th March

Wow, what a fun packed week of Easter activities we have had! At the beginning of the week we went on a visit to Frensham common to find Easter eggs left by the Easter bunny. Then we painted eggs for the Great Egg Roll and made our Easter hats for the hat parade. We looked brilliant!

On Wednesday we had our Easter Pause Day when we learnt about the true meaning of Easter. Kingfisher class joined Woodpecker class to do lots of different activities together. We made crosses for our Easter cards. wrote a prayer, found out why people were so blind to the word of Jesus and made chocolate nests as the sign of rebirth.

On Friday, Kingfisher class led the Easter service, retelling the Easter story. Everyone performed very well and remembered all their lines. Well done Kingfishers! You have earned your Easter break - have fun!

Week Beginning 13th March

We have had great fun learning all about weights and measures in numeracy this week. We started by finding lots of different objects around the classroom and estimating their weight before using bucket scales to weigh each. On Wednesday Postman Pat muddled up all his parcels and our job was to sort them out by weight.  Finally we found objects that weighed more or less than 100g. 

We then used our knowledge of weight and scales to measure out ingredients for some totally delicious cheesy, bacon muffins. They smelt lovely when they were cooking and tasted just as good!

For the next couple of weeks in Literacy lessons, Kingfisher class will be using the story, 'The Snail and the Whale' to write character descriptions, describe settings, retell and write our own stories. This week we worked in groups to produce a picture from different parts of the story. We put these together to retell the story in our own words.

During RE, children listened to the story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. They talked about the feelings that different people at the time might have felt. Then they sorted different pictures from the story into happy and sad times.

Forest school this week was great fun, and children finished their time by celebrating with hot chocolate!

Week Beginning 27th February

Kingfisher Class has had great fun this week investigating the capacity of different types of containers using rice, cubes and water. First children estimated, then measured and then ordered the containers from those with the greatest capacity to those with the least capacity. They found out that just because a container was very tall it didn't mean that it had the greatest capacity. Check the cupboards around your kitchen this weekend for tins and bottles - then find the capacity of each.

Kingfisher Class have been learning all about the different continents of the world with Miss Jackson this week. They found out that there are 7 different continents and the United Kingdom is part of Europe.

Kingfisher Class looked super special when they dressed up as their favourite book characters for book day this week. They paraded in the hall and told everyone about their books. Later on in the day they were read their choice of story.

Week Beginning 6th February.

The time is passing so quickly and we are already in the final week before half term! What a fantastic week we have had.  The children have finished off the topic on Castles and Queens by using the skills they acquired in DT to make their very own castle. First they designed them on paper and selected the equipment that they would need. Then the fun began. The castles were painted, then windows, drawbridges and turrets added. All the children worked very hard and finished just in time to go home on Friday!

Here are some of their fantastic creations.......

On Thursday morning Kingfisher class performed their family assembly on 'Castles and Queens'. The children had worked hard to remember all their lines and were fantastic! We do hope you all enjoyed watching them. There were guest appearances from Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth the first and second, King William and even King Harold!

While half of Kingfisher class were out at forest school, the other half had a science challenge. They had to try and make a building out of different materials. Some of the materials were strong and waterproof, while others were flexible, soft and absorbent.

Week Beginning 23rd January

Wow what a busy and exciting week we have had. Kingfishers really enjoyed the school trip to Windsor Castle. They saw the Changing of the Guards, St. George's Chapel, The State Rooms and so much more!

Back at school, children wrote wonderful recounts about their trip. In maths we investigated 3D shapes, looking at their faces, edges and vertices.

Week Beginning 9th January

We have learnt a lot this week about castles, who built them, why they were built and where they were built. Children have been working hard to produce information books, remembering as many facts as they can. All their books will be going on display next week - so pop into class to have a look. We are sure you will be impressed with all their hard work. Don't forget to ask your child all about Motte and Bailey castles.

During maths we have been finding different ways of making a target number and recording our findings as number sentences. Then we tried to find missing numbers on a number square.

We have been looking closely at houses and other buildings and have found that they are made up of differnet 2D and 3D shapes. We then made our own house pictures by putting together squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.

We finished off the week learning some country dancing and then wrapped up warm to play in the snow! Yipee!

Week Beginning 19th December

The last week before Christmas has been full of festive fun. We made Christmas hats and then had our Christmas meal together. Everyone was invited and it was brilliant!

Week Beginning 12th December

What fun we have been having in Kingfisher class this week, making and doing lots of Christmas activities. We have been making 'Chocolate Rudolphs'  during DT, which look super tasty, and using nets to make 3D boxes to put the chocolate in during maths.

We used rulers to draw straight lines when making our beautiful Christmas trees. Then went a little mad with the glitter and baubles!

And just look at our wonderful Christmas cards. A merry Christmas to everyone, enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017!

Week Beginning 5th December

Forest School Group 1 had so much fun on the school field this week! We lit a fire and toasted marshmallows! It was quite tricky using our fire steels to light our tinder but with a bit of practice we got there in the end. HOORAY! A huge thank you to all of the parents that came to help but an extra big thank you to Becky Thomas who got our fire started for us and also shared some fantastic woodland artefacts with the children! What a super way to finish off our first term at Forest School!

Week Beginning 28th November

This week we had some special visitors in school! Signpost came in to share an assembly with us all about The Christmas Story. We got to join in too and had a fantastic time re-enacting the birth of Jesus and reflecting on why Christmas is such a special time for Christians! 

In maths this week we have been learning to tell the time. We looked at the features of a clock so that we could make our own and practiced sharing what time we do different things during the day. We can say if it is o'clock or half past the hour.

Week Beginning 21st November

So far in numeracy this week we have learnt how long a minute really is. We have timed lots of different activities to see how many we could complete in 1 minute. We have looked at the minute and hour hands on an analogue clock, and know where they should be to show an o'clock time. Some of us went on a scavenger hunt to solve a mystery. We had to find clocks showing different times.

In Geography we have learnt about the physical and manmade features of the landscape around us. We have looked at aerial maps of Frensham and tried to label all the different things that we could see.

In art this week we learnt how to make collages, of autumn leaves, out of different coloured paper. Some of us made Christmas decorations for St Mary's church, we made Guinea fowl using real feathers. Look at our lovely results.

Week Beginning 14th November 2016

Last week we wrote some super shape poems for Remembrance. We wanted to showcase these with some artwork so we created these fantastic poppy fields using wax crayons and a paint wash. Don't they look fantastic!


Week Beginning 7th November 2016.

We have been thinking about special memories this week, both happy and sad. We have learnt about what happens during a Remembrance service and written poems about past battles. During art we made individual poppies to put together on a wreath.

It was wet, it was windy but it was fun! In Forest School this week the children were responsible for setting up our site. They worked brilliantly as a team to set our boundaries and to build our fire area. We then had lots of fun exploring the smells of the forest and made smelly potions. We collected all sorts of forest smells and shared our ideas

During maths we have been using positional language. Some of us went out to hunt Spencer bear and then described where we found him. Others played games describing patterns and pictures to a partner.

Anybody hungry? Over the next few weeks the children in Kingfisher class will be cooking fishcakes for their tea. They will bring them home to eat and then advise the rest of the class on any improvements that could be made to the recipe. Get ready....

Week beginning 31st October 2016

This week we were visited by Show Shack. We had a super time putting together a dance routine in the school hall. Take a look at some of our groovy moves! 

Week beginning 17th October 2016

We have had a very exciting time at Forest School this week! We got to build and light a fire!

Kingfishers used our new fire pit to build an upside down fire and then practised using fire steels to light tinder. 

Our fire was a roaring success! And what's a fire without some marshmallows? YUM!  

Week beginning 10th October 2016

During numeracy this week we have been finding out how to use non-standard units of measurement to measure superheroes. We have learnt that our unit of measurement must always be the same size, but we can use anything to help us measure. We have used hands, feet, cubes and paperclips.

As part of our science topic we have been investigating our 5 senses. We have used our ears to listen to, and guess, what objects were in a number of boxes, our noses to smell different scents. We have used our sense of taste to discover our favourite foods, and our sense of touch to describe objects. Lastly we tried different glasses to change our sense of vision.

Last week in literacy we started to learn about fantasy stories and read about the adventures of 'Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea'. This week we have retold the story to a partner and then written about her super pea-popping, punching powers in our own words.

During art we prepared a little winter surprise, here are a few teasers, but we will keep you guessing as to what we were making. Maybe you will find out in December!!

Week beginning 26th September 2016

This week in literacy we have been looking at instructional text. The children started by making 'Superhero' potions using dragons blood, phoenix feathers, fairy dust, snow, googly eyes, and green spider webs. Then they rehearsed their instructions, for making the potions, orally before finally  putting pen to paper.

During numeracy we have been asking questions, collecting data and presenting the information as a tally chart or bar chart. We have found out who the most popular and least popular superheroes in Kingfisher class are.

Kingfishers took part in their first Forest School session for this academic year. Group 2 had lots of fun re-familiarising themselves with our site and showing Miss Lankester how we work together to set the site up and keep ourselves safe. It was great to be back!

Week beginning 12th September 2016

Our first full week has begun by learning how to use labels in our writing. We had great fun drawing around each other in the playground. Then we labelled all the different parts of a body that we could think of.

During numeracy we have been working together on estimating and ordering numbers to at least 20.  We used cubes, carpet tiles and even dinosaurs to help us!

For our art work this week we have been discussing the different ways that artists painted portraits. Using mirrors we studied our own faces very carefully and discussed our main features. We noticed that although we all have eyes, noses, mouths and ears, everyone of our faces is different. We used pastels to try and draw what we could see in our mirrors.

Week beginning 5th September 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to all new Kingfishers! We are going to have so much fun together this year! Your classroom is ready, your artwork is on display and Mrs Dodgson has been working very hard on a 'Super' role play area for you.

On our very first day we wrote about our holidays, thought about numbers that we use everyday and made a new class charter. Phew...we have been very busy!

Week Beginning 3rd July

A big thank you to everyone who came to visit Kingfisher class on Friday. It was lovely to see you all and a few new faces too! We hope you enjoyed looking at all the work that we have completed this year.

Week Beginning 26th June

This week we have been very busy learning songs and lines for our summer production. It is slowly coming together and we can't wait to perform it for you!

During RE we were investigating the symbols of Christianity, we then used these symbols to make stained glass windows. They look so pretty when the light shines through them.

In literacy we used our story plans of Jim and the Giant to help us plan new stories - we  edited using Post it notes.

Then we used our story plans to tell each other our stories....

For lunch time on Thursday we had great fun eating street food with Woodpeckers and Goldfinches in the playground. It was scrummy!

On Friday we brought in our bikes and scooters into school for a pedals course. We learnt how to ride them safely around the school playground.

Week Beginning 12th June

Congratulations Kingfisher Class on all your hard work during art lessons this week. Our 'Summer Garden' art project got first place at Frensham Fayre! It looked fabulous and everyone made a winning contribution!

This is how we made it...

Kingfisher class also took part in the St Mary's Sports day event this week. There were lots of races to take part in, including spud and spoon, shuttle relay and tossing the bean bag (during which event we found a new Olympic challenger for the shot put),  and finally we had lots of fun in the dressing up race. We were also treated to lollypops and had lunch with parents.

For science this week we have been looking at and recording how plants grow. We have grown pots of cress and runner beans. We found out that the cress grows much quicker than the beans, but the beans grow bigger.

Week Beginning 22nd May

What fun we have had on the final week before half term. During science this week we made windmills to try and find out how fast the wind was blowing. We took them outside to test them.

During numeracy we solved number problems involving division - by sharing into equal groups. Everyone thought it was easy peasy! Great maths work Kingfisher class.

Week Beginning 8th May

All this week in numeracy we have been learning about repeated addition, lots of and multiplication. We used cones, cubes and money to put into 'lots of' the same number. We made arrays to help us to answer simple number problems and we learned how to use the 'X' factor in our number sentences.

During topic work, we found out all about the life and times of Grace Darling and her family. We investigated how they might have lived and the jobs they needed to do everyday - like cooking, cleaning, school work, gardening, washing and ironing.

On Friday we had our May Day celebrations, we have been working very hard on the dances. Everyone put on their best clothes and danced beautifully. Afterwards we went back to the class for our May Celebration cakes - they were yummy!

Week Beginning 24th April

Stop the press, there has been a break in at St Mary's. Kingfisher class became reporters investigating the crime which involved the Three Bears. Don't worry, no bear was hurt! The children then researched what went into a newspaper report before writing up their notes.

During numeracy this week Kingfisher class added on in tens from one and two-digit numbers. They found out that when you add a tens number the units always remain the same.

This half term, in DT, Kingfisher class will be making moving pictures. This week they made sliders to move an item across a page.

Week Beginning 20th March

So, 'What have Kingfisher Class been up to?', I hear you asking. Well it has been quite an eventful week and we have had lots of fun. During numeracy we used the book 'Jim and the Giant' as a stimulus for our work on measurement. On Monday some very large footprints were found all around the classroom - Who could they belong to? We measured them all with cubes or rulers, but they were too big for anyone in the school, so they must belong to a giant. On Tuesday we measured handprints, while on Wednesday we made giant spectacles. On Thursday we measured each other, we even measured Miss Jackson!

During art this week we have been making something top secret and a little bit special - for some very special people in our lives. Everyone will hopefully find out what we have been up to this Sunday.

On a sadder note, Miss Jackson had her last day with us on Thursday, we wish her well with her new class in September. We really enjoyed having her in Kingfisher class.

On Friday we enjoyed watching a Signpost performance telling us all about the Hope that Easter brings, and listening to the Easter story.

Week Beginning 6th March

What's the time Mr. Wolf? All this week Kingfisher class have been looking at clocks and learning how to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. Some children then investigated quarter past. They played lots of different 'time' games.

Children also learnt about position and direction. Do you know your left from your right. Can you perform a quarter or half turn?

During literacy Kingfishers have been using ICT to find out all about Barn Owls. They used a search engine to find a specific sight, read information text, took notes and began using those notes to write non-fiction sentences for posters to put on display.

Children have been looking at the work by the artist Henri Rousseau this half-term. They have studied and made careful drawings of different animals and this week they made a mixed media background to hide their animals in.

Week Beginning 20th February  

In maths this week we have been grouping different objects into groups of 2, 5 and 10. Some of us used cubes some used coins and others used numicon. Then we recorded our work as repeated addition number sentences.

We had two birthday this week, and two lovely birthday treats for the class to share. Chocolate cake and bubbles - so much fun. Thank you very much for sharing your birthdays with us.

In assembly we had a special visit from the NSPCC. Next week we are going to help raise money for Buddy during PE.

We had great fun coming back to school for bedtime stories, everyone brought a teddy and dressed in their pyjamas. Then everyone had hot chocolate with whippy cream and marshmallows and biscuits!

For forest school this week the children made brilliant bird feeders using pine cones, fat and bird seeds. We hope the attract lots of birds.

Week Beginning 30th January

We had a brilliant start to the week, because on Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year. First we heard the story of how the crafty rat beat all the other animals in a race across a river. He was allowed to name the first year in the Chinese calendar. The other years were named as each of the other animals in the race reached the bank at the far side of the same river.

Then we took part in a Chinese workshop, it was fantastic! We got to play instruments and be part of a dragon procession.

In maths this week, the children have been looking at halves and quarters of shapes, length and numbers. They made 'Half Pint Harry's' -  a half sized paper model of themselves.

Then children made animals with legs that were either a half or a quarter the length of their bodies. Some investigated which numbers could be halved and quartered and those which could not.

During DT children learned how to make a wall that stands up of it own accord. The found out how to cut and shape ramparts.

Week Beginning 16th January

This week children have been listening to and acting out the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. Then they planned and wrote the story in their own words. We will continue this into next week, when children will write their own version.

During maths lessons children have been looking at two digit numbers. They investigated the tens and units in 2-digit numbers and tried to add a 1-digit number to 2-digit numbers.

In DT this week children had a go at making free standing 3D shapes that they will be able to use when they make their model castles. They made a cylinder and a cone out of paper.

While group 1 children continued to learn country dancing during PE, group 2 children went off to forest school. They spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine making dens and bird feeders out of pine cones. Just look at the wonderful results.

Week Beginning 2nd January 2017

Welcome back Kingfishers. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and spent lots of time with family and friends. Now you are back at school there is lots to look forward to! Our topic this term is 'Castles and Queens' and during literacy this week we have been learning all about the Battle of Hasting when the Normans came and Conquered the Anglo-Saxons. Children have acted out the battle between King Harold and William the Conqueror.

Then they thought about what the soldiers and archers might be thinking and saying. They used speech bubbles to record these.

Friday was the feast of Epiphany, when the three Magi arrived with gifts for the baby king. To celebrate this day every Kingfisher was given a special Epiphany cake. Inside one was hidden a chocolate button. Whoever found the button would become King or Queen for the day. Look who found ours............

Our king had to make lots of important decisions throughout the day, he kept an eye on all his other classmates making sure they worked hard, handed out rewards and chose who went into lunch first. He even had a special throne to sit in and crown to wear. All Hail to the King!


Kingfisher class would also like to welcome a new member. Miss Jackson will be joining us at the start of the term and will be working with us until Easter. Here she is helping out in class.

Week Beginning 5th December 2016

Christmas has arrived in Kingfisher class and the room is beginning to fill up with all of your wonderful handmade decorations. If you haven't made one yet - you still have a little time before we judge them to find the best two, although I think it is going to be a very difficult decision.

This week we have been looking at the features of instructional text. We first read, and followed, a set of instructions to make salt dough decorations. Then we wrote our own instructions for Goldfinches to follow. Once the decorations are dry we will decorate with lots of sparkles!

During numeracy hexagon group cooked Mrs Grinling's fishcakes for their tea. They will let the rest of the class know how they tasted.

Week Beginning 21st November 2016

This week we have been looking at money and all the different coins that we have. We have been playing games, winning coins and finding totals.

Did you know that different papers have different textures? This week some of us have been exploring different papers in our art lesson and have been using wax crayons to draw on sandpaper.  While the rest of us have been continuing to cook Mrs Grinling's fishcakes for our tea!


In Literacy we have been reading 'The Shopping Basket' by John Burningham. We have acted out the story, written character descriptions and our own version of the story.

During ICT we have been learning how to keep safe when we use the internet. We know that we must use a password and never give away our personal details. 

Week beginning 31st October 2016

Welcome back! We hope that you had a good half term with your families and are now ready to learn. This term we have a mini-topic all about Remembrance and we will also be learning all about our local area. Our role-play has changed into a village post office with its own postbox.

This week we have been looking at teen numbers in maths. We are learning that teen numbers are made up of a ten and some units.  We have used cubes, numicon and coins to make teen numbers.

The seasons are changing and the leaves are falling. We have collected different leaves and looked closely at them. We used paints and pens to draw and paint the leaves.  Here is some of our lovely work.

We have been learning about the Gunpowder plot during ICT and literacy lessons. We used the names of the fireworks to make pictures and then wrote an acrostic poem.

Week beginning 3rd October 2016

On Monday we had a very special visitor to Kingfisher classroom. James and his mummy brought in their dog 'Nelly', they are training her to become a search and rescue dog. Nelly found objects hidden around the classroom and tidied up lots of hotwheels cars from the floor!

All this week in numeracy we will be learning about the properties of simple 2D shapes. We can already name many of them. We have looked around in our local environment to find shapes and drawn pictures using different shapes. We have used lego to make symmetrical patterns.

For art, we continue to look at portraits painted by a number of famous artists. We tried hard to paint our own faces, making sure that we looked at ourselves carefully in a mirror first.

We learned how to mix together the primary colours to make just the right shade for our paintings.

Week beginning 19th September 2016

In literacy this week we have been listening to poems about Super Heroes. We have listened carefully to spot rhyming words and then written a poem of our own. Our favourite poem was Steve the Superhero.

I'm Steve the Superhero

and you simply won't believe

the superpowers I possess

by merely being Steve.

My smile can crack a mirror

and my breath can make you faint.

And when I take my socks off

it's been known to peel the paint.

The power in my underarms

can make a grown man cry.

A single burp can make you want

to crawl away and die.

The bad guys know it's hopeless,

so they all get up and leave

whenever they get wind of me-- the superhero Steve.

Mya brought in a globe for us to look at on Tuesday and we looked at all the different countries on it. Then we found out a little about the continents and, with the help of an atlas, we labelled the continents on a map.

Do you know how to double numbers? Well in Kingfishers we have been learning how to. We have learned that doubling means adding two of the same numbers together. We have also been writing number sentences.

Then we learnt how to add one more to numbers to 20. We recorded our findings as addition number sentences.

In science we have been looking at skeletons. We have felt our own bones under our skin and know that they help to protect our heart and lungs. Kingfisher class have made their own skeletons out of paper straws.

We worked really hard and finally finished our portraits. Here are just a few. If you would like to see more then pop into the classroom after school.

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