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Maths Workshops for Parents next week, all at 2.15: Goldfinches on 23rd, Kingfishers on 24th. School Disco this Friday - 6 - 7.30 pm

Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School.At St Mary's we combine modern facilities and teaching whilst retaining traditional values.“There is a strong sense of nurture which leads to the provision of warm pastoral care”. Ofsted 2016.“Standards are consistently good and on track to become outstanding”. Ofsted 2016“Pupils behave extremely well. Their conduct is outstanding”. Ofsted 2016.

Woodpeckers   Class   News  2019

    Happy New Year to all our Woodpeckers.

This term our topic is Carnival of the Animals.

Week beginning January 7th

This week we wrote poems about animals from cold places. We collected lots of describing words and phrases which we used in our poems. Later in the week we enjoyed writing riddles about animals. We learned to use a range of clues - tease the reader - use different sentence starters and use an obvious clue to finish.

Why don't you have a go at  writing a riddle about something from home ?

In our maths work we learned more about place value of numbers and how to partition numbers in different ways.

We discovered that 67 can be partitioned like this ...

60 + 7

50 + 17

40 + 27

30 + 37

20 + 47

10 + 57

Try partitioning some numbers at home.

In science we learned more about how animals are suited to the habitats they live in. We enjoyed researching information on the Chrome Books.

Week beginning December 17th

We celebrated the end of our busy term by presenting the Nativity story at St. Mary's Church by learning all our words and actions. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!


We also enjoyed a fantastic Christmas party on Tuesday organised by FOSMS. We enjoyed playing some great games in the hall with Goldfinches and Kingfishers. Then we were treated to a lovely tea and a special visitor!

Week beginning December 3rd

This week we learned why angels announced the news of Jesus' birth and we enjoyed watching Goldfinches present their Nativity Play.


Week beginning November 19th 

This week Woodpeckers presented some of their learning at their family worship. They all worked so hard to remember poems, songs. stories and their words to explain what they have been learning. Well done everyone - you were all super !

Woodpeckers have been learning to divide numbers this week by sharing and grouping objects and amounts.

In science this week we learned that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited. Different habitats provide for the basic needs of the animals and plants living in them.

Week beginning November 5th

This week we discovered information about Remembrance Day after asking our own questions. We wrote simple sentences then learned to join them with conjunctions. At the end of the week we wrote an information report and created a poppy wreath for our special Remembrance Worship.

 In maths this week we learned to recall addition facts quickly and use them to write subtraction facts. On Friday we used these facts to help us play a game.

Week beginning October 15th

This week started with our Harvest Service at St. Mary's Church. Woodpeckers presented their poem confidently and enjoyed joining in with the rest of the Service.


In our maths this week we have been learning to measure using standard units. We enjoyed measuring in the playground and later in the week we measured and compared different body parts.

On Friday we were visited by the RNLI who told us all about the work that the charity is involved in. We learnt what the different coloured flags mean and the type of rescue boats that are used. Lots of us were able to join in with ideas of how to stay safe at the beach.

Week beginning October 1st 

 This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning to show and add amounts of money in our maths work. We investigated different ways to make the same amount. Remember to visit your VLE page to play the shopping game.

In english we have been learning to use verbs and adverbs. Then we finished our work on The Tunnel by changing events and writing our own story.

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed a special visit from the Life Educational Bus. we learnt all about our bodies and how to keep them fit and healthy. We loved meeting Harold the Giraffe and learnt how to be feelings detectives when we thought about our friendships and feelings.

Week beginning September 17th 

 This week Woodpeckers enjoyed investigating our new library garden.

We enjoyed reading The Tunnel by Anthony Browne and we have been using the story to learn more about time connectives and conjunctions.

In maths we have been learning to use different addition vocabulary. We learned to add 3 single digits by spotting 10s - doubles and adding small numbers. 

This week we also learned to make a self portrait collage by using paper scraps and enjoyed our PE lesson with Chelsea's Coach Lucy.

Week beginning September 5th 


Welcome to all our new Woodpeckers - we hope you all had a fantastic Summer break. Everyone has settled well this week and started to learn all our new routines.

In our learning this week we have written about our Summer holidays and been busy counting in 2 and 5s from any number. We have also been learning to log on to our new year 2 computing pages and thought about which books are important to us.

Week beginning January 14th

Woodpeckers have been busy researching information about giraffes using the Chrome Books this week. We learned to use different sentences - questions - statements - exclamation - which we used in our information reports.

We also learned to blend the colours red and yellow to create a sunset wash. Next week we will use it as a background for our silhouette animal.

Week beginning January 3rd 

Welcome back everyone - we hope you had a great Christmas holiday and are now ready for our next term.

This week we celebrated Epiphany by learning more about the Christmas Story. Our lovely cook Claire baked special Epiphany cakes and Toby was the lucky Woodpecker who became our Woodpecker Epiphany King.

Week beginning December 10th

What a very busy week Woodpeckers have enjoyed. 

On Tuesday we enjoyed the Peter Pan Pantomime by Hurricane Productions ( Oh yes we did !!! ) as we joined in with lots of singing and laughing!

On Wednesday we were treated to a delicious Christmas Lunch where we wore our Christmas Tree hats. We joined the whole school in the hall which had been decorated with our paper chains.




On Friday we were visited by Signposts who presented the Christmas story.

Week beginning November 26th 

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed their cooking sessions as they learned how to make jam tarts.

In maths this week we learned about fractions and found halves and quarters of shapes and numbers.

Week beginning November 12th 

This week we have been learning a new story called 'The Papaya That Spoke' which Woodpeckers will be presenting at their Family Worship this Wednesday. We hope you are able to come.

In maths this week we have been learning more about multiplication. We used repeated additions, arrays and recall of facts to solve multiplication statements and problems. 

Woodpeckers have been very busy at home making some wonderful robin decorations  which will be used to decorate a Christmas tree at Frensham Garden Centre next week. Don't forget to visit and vote for your favourite tree.

On Friday Woodpeckers participated in Children in Need by dressing in spots and donating money to fill Pudsey Bear. Well done everyone - what a lot of money you raised!

Week beginning October 29th 

Welcome back!

This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning all about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. First we thought about what we already knew and then thought of some questions to help us to find out more. We enjoyed using the Chrome books to discover lots of information and used it to write our newspaper reports.

In our maths this week we learned more about place value of numbers. We partitioned numbers to show how they are made up of tens and ones.

Later in the week we represented 2 digit numbers in different ways.

We also learned about being a good leader and how we can be a 'good example' to others around us. We were all very good at following the leaders in the games we played.



Week beginning October 8th 

What a busy week for Woodpeckers.  

On Wednesday we visited London for the Primary Proms. During the morning we explored the Science Museum where we enjoyed looking at the Space and Transport exhibitions. Then we explored the Pattern Pod before walking to The Royal Albert Hall. We enjoyed listening to the different choirs and orchestras that performed for us.

On Friday Woodpeckers were stars when they were tour guides. They confidently spoke to our visitors when they showed them around St. Mary's on our Open Morning.


Week beginning September 24th

This week Woodpeckers shared their new home learning books which they had covered at home. They are all really great!

We have been busy learning more about subtraction this week in maths. We used lots of different vocabulary and subtracted single digits by counting back and using number facts.

17 - 2 is just counting back 2   

23 - 3  is 20 and 3 take away the 3 

In English we learned to use similes and noun phrases to add descriptions to our work.

Rose wore shoes as black as coal.

Jack ran through the enchanted forest.

This week we also started Forest School and archery lessons.

Week beginning September 10th 


Welcome to all our new Woodpeckers - we hope you all had a fantastic Summer break. Everyone has settled well this week and started to learn all our new routines.

In our learning this week we have written about our Summer holidays and been busy counting in 2 and 5s from any number. We have also been learning to log on to our new year 2 computing pages and thought about which books are important to us.

We have been busy reading poems and spotting patterns which we used to write our own poems. In maths this week we have been learning to read and write numbers. We also learned to count reliably by grouping objects in 2s, 5s and 10s.