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Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School.At St Mary's we combine modern facilities and teaching whilst retaining traditional values.“There is a strong sense of nurture which leads to the provision of warm pastoral care”. Ofsted 2016.“Standards are consistently good and on track to become outstanding”. Ofsted 2016“Pupils behave extremely well. Their conduct is outstanding”. Ofsted 2016.

Woodpeckers  News

 Woodpeckers are getting ready for their Summer Production.... Go to the VLE page to sing-a-long.

Week beginning July 2nd

Woodpeckers have been very busy learning their lines and songs for Eddie The Penguin Saves The World. We hope you are able to come and see it.

On Friday woodpeckers were very proud to show off all their learning to their parents who came to our open afternoon. The children have worked very hard through the year and achieved well. Thank you for all your support and positive comments.

In science this week we learned about where animals get their food from and investigated food chains. We learned that all food chains start with a plant, which is called a producer and are eaten by consumers who are eaten by predators.

This week we made a clay sculpture of a minibeast. We rolled the clay, formed the shape we needed and smoothed the clay with our fingers. Then we created holes, joined pieces and added details to form our minibeast.

Week beginning June 18th 

What an eggciting week !

Woodpeckers were very eggcited this week when we looked after our chicks for the day. We learned all about them and then wrote some super chick reports.

On Monday we took part in a pedal course. First we listened to how we should keep safe by wearing correct clothes and checking our bicycle or scooter's brakes and tyres. Then we had to complete lots of activities of riding, stopping, starting and responding to signs. In the afternoon we wrote some great recounts of what we had done.

What a brilliant day we had!


On Thursday we took part in the Waverley Infants Sports Morning with the year 2s from other local schools.  We worked in 8 teams and had to complete different activities to score points. At the end all the points were added up to find out which team came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We were looked after by Waverley's Year 6 children and they did a great job!

On Friday we took part in our own Sports Day.  The weather was hot and there were lots of fantastic races. We enjoyed running, throwing the javelin, racing with a spoon and spud and completing our challenge race -  Well done everyone!

Week beginning June 4th 

Welcome back to our last term - it's going to be busy!


This week we have been learning to use technology to create, save and edit our work. We created a storybook using pictures and text by retelling the story of Baby Elephant which we are learning about in our English lessons.

Next week we will learn to retrieve and edit our work.

In our RE work we are learning how Christians worship God. We have been wondering about the beauty, strength and power in the natural world and how things make us say WOW or express wonder. We discussed how these things might cause someone to think about God. We learned that people call this 'worship'.


Week beginning May 14th 

Woodpeckers have had a very busy week. Well done everyone you worked so hard.

In maths we learned more about measures as we weighed objects to find the heaviest and lightest and learned how to read the time to 5 minute intervals. In english we retold the story of Toby and the Great Fire of London in our own words. In science we identified different ways to maintain hygiene and explained why hygiene is so important. 

Week beginning April 30th 

 This week we continued our learning about The Great Fire of London. We sequenced events and wrote descriptions of what it would have been like in London at that time. Then we wrote our own diary page just like Samuel Pepys.

We also made our own houses by looking at Tudor style houses.


In maths we consolidated our learning about multiplication and division. We used our learned facts to solve word problems. 

In science we investigated different foods and sorted them into healthy and unhealthy foods.

Week beginning April 16th 

Welcome back to the Summer term!

We hope you had a great Easter holiday. This term we are learning all about The Great Fire of London. We started our topic by asking questions and sharing what we already know about The Great Fire. We have also been comparing London in the past to the present and enjoyed researching information on the Chrome books.

In science this term we are learning about keeping healthy. We explored how exercise is good for our bodies and thought about all the different types of exercise we have each week! We enjoyed learning our country dance and got plenty of exercise!

Week beginning March 19th

What a fantastic afternoon.

The rest of the school enjoyed watching magic, dancing, gymnastics and listening to piano playing, jokes and singing as Woodpeckers entertained us with their wonderful talents. Well done everyone!


We also enjoyed watching The Signpost Drama as they explained The Surprising Swap in the Easter Story.


This week we have been very busy building bridges. First we explored pictures of bridges and identified different types and the materials and shapes which make them strong. Then we made bridges from construction kits. After that we planned our own bridges so that the Three Billy Goats Gruff could cross the river safely in a truck. Once we collected our materials we made our bridges working with our learning partners. Finally we tested our bridges and evaluated them. We thought about what we liked and how we would improve them.

Week beginning March 5th 

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed a fabulous World Book Day as we dressed up as our favourite Julia Donaldson character. We had a parade in the hall with the rest of the school and even got to meet the Gruffalo! Thank you parents, for all your hard work to dress your children in some brilliant costumes!

In maths this week we continued our learning about subtractions. We subtracted 2 digit numbers and used our knowledge about addition to solve missing number problems.

15 - ? = 8

15 is the whole part

8 and ? makes 15 

The other part has to be 7

We also wrote some super information reports about Brunel. We planned our thoughts, made some edits and then presented our work. Later in the week we enjoyed acting out the story of some characters who liked to walk over bridges. Can you guess who?

Finally this week, Woodpeckers have enjoyed making observations about the plants they are growing. 

Week beginning February 19th 

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely half term break.

This week we began our new topic, Megastructures. We started by discovering information about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We investigated a picture of him and then asked lots of questions to find out more. Later in the week we all enjoyed taking part in a  ‘jigsaw session’ where we had to learn a small part of information about him. Then we formed new groups to share our information and hear what other children had learned!

In other work we learned more about fractions and finding missing numbers within calculations. There are lots of games on our VLE page to help learn more about fractions. In RE we learned that friendship is a precious thing and thought about how friendships can get damaged and broken. We thought of ways to keep our friendships precious and be a good friend. In science we learned how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.

Week beginning January 29th

 What a busy week Woodpeckers have enjoyed! On Monday we listened to the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and became artists when we created our own lighthouse picture in the style of Van Gogh!


Through the week we used the story to learn more about conjunctions, noun phrases and lists with commas. At the end of the week we used all our learning when we retold the story using nine agreed story features. We had to work very hard to earn our special iced sea biscuit which Mrs Molay had kindly baked for us!


In science we investigated how some materials can be changed by

twisting - squashing - bending - stretching 

Week beginning January 15th


On Wednesday Woodpeckers had a very exciting trip to Portsmouth Historic Docks to see HMS Victory, a ship that Nelson fought on. It was fantastic day with so much to see. In the morning we went to a workshop and learnt how to tie knots, we dressed up as sailors and looked at artefacts from the ship. In the afternoon we explored HMS Victory where we discovered Captain Hardy's cabin, and Admiral Nelson's bed. We found out that sailors slept in hammocks and counted so many cannons!  


Later in the week we wrote reports about our exciting day out!

Week beginning January 1st

Happy New Year and welcome back to a busy Spring term!


This week we have been busy talking about our Christmas Holidays and thinking about all the events that happened in 2017. We also thought about the coming year and wrote some new year resolutions!

We also learned that we all learn in different ways by doing - listening and watching. We made paper hats and discovered the best way to learn how to make one!

 In our maths work we have been busy collecting information and showing it in different lists, tables and graphs and discovered what our favourite toys were.


We started to discover more about materials and went on a hunt around school to see which ones we could find. We described them using their properties and learned some interesting new vocabulary.

transparent   -  translucent   -   opaque    -    absorbent    -   brittle 

Week beginning December 11th

This week the Signposts team came to perform their nativity story. We all had a fantastic time re-enacting the birth of Jesus and reflecting on why Christmas is such a special time for Christians.


We have also been busy writing poems about Winter and polar bears this week using some great descriptions. In maths we have been learning more about telling the time with o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times.


Week beginning November 27th 

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed presenting their learning at their class assembly.

They retold the story 'The Papaya That Spoke', explained what contractions are, demonstrated some multiplication and division skills, showed their fireworks, sorted some animals into their habitats and performed a tune on their recorders. Well done Woodpeckers - you were brilliant!


Watch our fireworks show here ..

Later in the week we visited the Life Education Bus. We all had great fun learning about our bodies and how to treat one another and stay healthy. We met Harold the Giraffe and saw glittering stars in the middle of the day!

Week beginning November 13th

What a busy week Woodpeckers have had.

On Friday we enjoyed supporting Children in Need by dressing up in spots and stripes and collecting our money on Pudesy Bear.


In archery we worked together as a team as we practised our archery skills and in Forest School we looked for minibeasts. 

In maths we learned more about multiplication by using repeated addition, arrays and writing calculations.

2 + 2 + 2 = 6

we are counting in 2s, 3 times ..... 2 X 3 = 6 

Which arrays can you find around the home and out and about?

Week beginning October 30th

This week woodpeckers have been busy learning about The Gunpowder Plot. We wrote our own questions and then used the Chrome books to research information. Then we wrote our own newspapers to tell the story of The Gunpowder Plot and worked hard to include exception words in our writing.

Visit the VLE spelling area to practise these spellings.

In art we used charcoal and pastels to explore tones and textures as we produced a picture of Guy Fawkes.

In maths we have been learning more about place value. We partitioned numbers in different combinations and put given numbers in order. We also estimated numbers and learned to read and write numbers to 100.

Don’t forget to complete your my maths task.

In RE we are learning how Christians try to follow Jesus’ example and we enjoyed playing Follow the Leader. We learned what makes a good leader and why it is important to be a good example because others follow us.

Week beginning October 16th

What a busy half term Woodpeckers have been having - we hope you enjoy the holiday.

This week we have been learning more about money. We investigated how to make different amounts by using coins and how to find different combinations of  the same amount.

We all loved playing the game PAY FOR IT - use the link on Woodpeckers VLE page.

In our writing work we researched an animal of our choice using the Chrome Books. Then we wrote our own information report using headings, sections, questions, information sentences and a did you know fact. We hope you like reading them.

Group 2 enjoyed their last Forest School session and Group 1 were amazing at archery. Everyone is looking forward to swapping over. Don't forget to bring your PE kit back after half term.

In our geography work this week we were atlas detectives and learned how to use an index to find places. We enjoyed solving riddles about the oceans and continents we have all earned about. Can you solve this riddle ?

I am a very cold continent.

I am known as the frozen

continent. I have no cities

or villages. I am in the very

south of the world.

What continent am I ?

Week beginning October 9th  

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed presenting their Little Red Hen poem at the Harvest Service at St Mary's Church. Everyone tried really hard to remember so many words. Well done Woodpeckers!


In maths this week we learned more about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Don't forget to visit My Maths and complete your weekly task!


In our writing work this week we learned to ask questions about animals. Next week we will be using the Chrome Books to research information and find the answers to our many questions.

What?  Where?  Why?  How?  When?

We continued our cooking this week and enjoyed reading the recipe and following the instructions to make our delicious jam tarts.

At Forest School this week we enjoyed creating minibeasts homes.

Week beginning September 25th

Woodpeckers have been very busy this week creating a special picture which will be turned into Christmas cards. Can you work out what we have made?

Forest school started this week and that meant that the rest of the class had fun learning archery skills.

In our maths this week we have been learning how to subtract numbers. We used quick counting and number facts to subtract single digits. We also learned that when we subtract a 10 there is no change to the ones. Look how we worked out 48 - 20.

This week we have also been learning to play our recorders and how to log on to our class VLE page.

Don't forget to visit to see ideas to help our learning and practise spellings online!

Week beginning September 11th


This week we have been busy investigating patterns in poems. Through the week we used different poems to write our own using the patterns we identified. At the end of the week we chose our favourite pattern to write our own poems linked to our science learning.

 In maths this week we have been busy learning more numbers and place value. We investigated how many tens and ones are in different numbers, wrote the numbers in numerals and words and counted in 2s 5s and 10s.

In science this week we learned about life cycles and how animals grow up in to an adult.

In geography we had to work together in our colour groups to assemble a map of the different continents and oceans that make up our world. Then we used atlases to check if we were right and learned more about where to find and place them.

We enjoyed our first PE session with the Sports Coach.

Finally this week we shared which books are important to us and why they are important. We learned that the Bible is an important book for Christians and it is the living word of God.

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Week beginning July 9th

This week Woodpeckers performed Eddie the Penguin Saved The World and were all amazing ... well done !

We also watched our caterpillars transform into butterflies and released them.

In art we created and painted our clay minibeasts. 

Week beginning June 25th 

This week we were visited by Paul and his Minibeast Roadshow. We were amazed by all the wonderful creatures he brought to show us and the interesting information about each one. There were stick insects, giant snails, tarantulas, giant millipedes, bearded dragons and cockroaches. In the afternoon we wrote some amazing facts about what we had learned.

This week we also learned about a contrasting locality. We discovered all about a place called Tocuaro and how it is different to the area in which we live.


After we learned about psalms last week we used the Chrome Books to write our own. We thought about all the wonderful creations in the world.

Finally, this week we were very excited that some caterpillars have arrived in our classroom. We are going to watch them grow and change over the next couple of weeks. I wonder what will  happen to them ?

Week beginning June 11th 

What a busy week Woodpeckers have enjoyed. On Wednesday our parents were invited to watch our Recorder Performance. We have all worked very hard through the year learning to play many notes and musical pieces. Thank you Mrs Molay - you have taught us to play so well.

We have also been busy getting our art ready for the Frensham Fayre art competition. We blended a colour wash sunset and painted our special guest Paddington Bear. Then we chose a country's landmark for him to visit. Can you guess where he's been in these photographs?

Week beginning May 21st 

Well done Woodpeckers - you were amazing dancers at the May celebrations. Everyone looked wonderful and remembered their steps very well. Congratulations to Freya and Tommy for being voted May Queen and King and a big thank you to the Woodpecker mums who treated us to our delicious may cakes.

Week beginning May 7th 

This week Woodpeckers have been busy writing their own newspapers about the Great Fire of London. First we investigated some newspapers to see what made them good news reports to help us write our own.

In maths we have been learning more about fractions and money. 

In science we learned about the importance of a healthy diet and choose items of food to make a healthy meal.


We had great fun at Forest school where we made material prints.

Week beginning April 23rd

This week Elodie represented St. Mary's in Farnham's Got Talent. She sang beautifully and won the Rising Star award - WELL DONE - you were amazing!

This week we wrote postcards and riddles about London and found out more of the ways in which London has changed.

In science we explored the impact of exercise on our bodies and discovered how different exercises made us feel!

Week beginning March 26th

What a wonderful week of Easter activities!

Our week started with an eggciting Easter egg hunt on the common. We had great fun searching for all the chocolate treats.

On Tuesday we enjoyed showing off our lovely eggsquisite Easter bonnets. Then we needed a very steady hand in the egg rolling competition.


On Wednesday we enjoyed working with Kingfishers when we took part in our Easter Pause Day. We started the day acting out the Easter story and thinking about what the Witnesses saw and heard. Then we spent the day making prayer circles, Easter cards, witness books and chocolate egg nests.

What an eggcellent day!

Week beginning March 12th

This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning all about capacity. On Monday morning we enjoyed a maths workshop where we estimated, measured and compared the capacities of different containers while we learned to read scales. We also compared the amounts to find which were the greatest and the least and used our skills to play measure games on the Chrome books.

Don't forget to complete your MyMaths measures task and visit our VLE page to play the games again!

In our writing this week we enjoyed listening to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and retold the story using some fantastic vocabulary. You can watch the video story on our Spring 2 VLE page.

Woodpeckers have been very busy consolidating their spelling work and you can now practise the alternative long vowel sounds by visiting the spelling page - woodpeckers - year 2 folder.

We have been busy observing our plants grow in science and noticed how they are changing. We wondered what would happen to some cress seeds if we took away the light .... so we have set up an experiment to find out.

Check back to see what happens!

In RE this week we learned more about the Easter story. We discovered that the things that people do wrong damage their friendship with God and how Jesus died to restore people's broken friendship with God. 

Week beginning February 26th

On Wednesday this week we enjoyed a very funny performance by Booster Cushion Theatre  when Alistair  McCallister came to tell us a story. There was a lot to watch and join in with as we were told the story of Old McDonald with a twist.

After the performance we wrote some super letters to Alistair telling him what we had enjoyed and how we felt. 


In maths this week Woodpeckers have been busy adding 2 digit numbers. We started adding 10s to a variety of numbers and then used resources to help us add different numbers. Later in the week we helped Mr Brunel work out how many bridges he had built by using what we had learned.

34 + 37

30 + 4      30 + 7

60 + 11 

60  + 10  + 1  = 71

Week beginning  February 5th

Woodpeckers started this week by celebrating Chinese New Year with a wonderful workshop. We played some very noisy instruments as we took part in a fantastic dragon procession. Back in the classroom we heard the story of how the animals were chosen for the Chinese  calendar and retold the story in our own words.


This week we also enjoyed Bedtime stories on Tuesday evening listening to lots of lovely stories and drinking hot chocolate.

If you came along, you can visit the forum page and add your comment. 


Week beginning January 22nd

This week Woodpeckers completed their work on Nelson by writing some super information reports about his life.

Later in the week we read the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We also learned more about telling the time using half past, quarter past and quarter to and wrote sentences about a day at the lighthouse.

In science we explored the suitability of materials and why objects are made from certain objects.

At the end of the week - Woodpeckers rocked at the disco!

Week beginning January 8th 

      This week Woodpeckers have been busy discovering information about Nelson. First we looked at a picture and pieced together clues about a famous person from the past who we discovered was Admiral Horatio Nelson. We wrote some super questions and then used the chrome books to find out the answers! We are all very excited to be visiting Portsmouth Dockyard next week where we will visit HMS Victory.


In maths this week we learned to partition numbers in different ways. We worked together in groups to order a set of numbers from the least to the greatest. Then we compared 2 numbers using greater and less signs. 


In art we created a seascape picture by tearing strips of different papers and layering them together. Check back next week to discover what we do with them next.

At the end of the week we became parable detectives searching for where they are found and what they are. We discovered they are stories that Jesus told to teach people and are found in the Bible in the New Testament.

Week beginning December 18th

What a fantastic week of Christmas activities.

We started the week with our Christmas party where we enjoyed party games in the hall, a lovely tea prepared by FOSMS and an exciting visit by Santa!



On Wednesday we enjoyed a super Christmas lunch. 


On Thursday we celebrated the end of this term at our Christmas service where we told the story of the nativity.

Week beginning December 4th

This week we were very excited to be taught a coding lesson by Mr Rendell. We learned more about moving objects and linking together sequences to create an animation. 


We have also been getting ready for Christmas by helping to sort the Christmas cards and making calendars.



In science we investigated habitats that are far away and described how animals that live in them are suited to their environment. 

This week we have also been learning about position and direction in our maths work by moving in a straight line and making quarter turns.

In RE this week we sequenced the Christmas story and asked why angels announced the birth of Jesus.

Week beginning November 20th 

This week we have been learning about division and investigated numbers by sharing and grouping objects. Remember to visit My Maths to practise your skills!

Mmmmm ... we enjoyed using cakes to investigate division. 

You can divide 8 cakes between 2 plates 

   8 divided by 2 - there will be 4 cakes on each plate

Or you can divide 8 cakes into 2s

   8 divided by 2 - there will be 4 lots of 2 

8 divided by 2 is 4 because 4 X 2 ( or 2 X 4 ) is 8 !


In our writing work we have enjoyed learning the story 'The Papaya That Spoke.' This week we changed some of the key characters to plan our own story. We also looked through some traditional tales to spot sentence openers that we can use in our own story writing.

During our reading sessions we also learned about contractions and enjoyed playing a contraction game on our VLE page.

In our art work we collected leaves and looked closely at the patterns and colours. We carefully drew our leaf shape and then used it to repeat the shape. 

Week beginning November 6th 

This week we have been busy learning about Remembrance Day. We asked our own questions and  watched powerpoints and video clips to find out information. Then we recorded key facts and finally wrote our own information report about what we had learned.

We also made our own poppies which were put together to make our class wreath. We presented it at Friday’s special worship time.

In maths this week we learned more addition facts and used them to make subtraction facts.

If 9 + 5 = 14   then   14 - 5 =9 

Group 1 enjoyed their first Forest school while Group 2 remembered their archery skills from last year.

In science we sorted objects into things that are alive, dead and never been alive.

In DT this week we worked with our learning partners to make some moving fireworks.

Week beginning October 2nd

This week woodpeckers have been busy measuring length. We investigated objects in the playground and measured them in metres and centimetres. We learned to estimate and then measure accurately starting from 0. Later in the week we investigated our body measurements and compared them with other children’s. We also learned to use the  <  >  symbols when comparing our measurements.

24 cm  >  21cm

We also learned more about measuring when we cooked our jam tarts. We learned to follow a basic recipe and use kitchen equipment safely.

We have used the chrome books a lot this week and are getting very confident at logging on and remembering our passwords.

Remember to look at our VLE page to support your child’s learning.

In science this week we investigated the human life cycle and learned about what we can do when we are at the different stages. We completed our Tunnel work this week by planning and writing our own story about a tunnel. We had some great ideas using our own characters and different events.

In RE work this week we looked at the 10 commandments and thought about where in the Bible they are found. Then we wrote our own rules for a safe and happy world for us to live in.

In Forest School this week we explored the site and had fun hunting for minibeasts.

Week beginning September 18th

This week we have enjoyed listening to and learning the story ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. We used the text to help us learn more about conjunctions that join sentences together and noun phrases that add description. We also wrote sentences using time connectives and at the end of the week we wrote the story trying to remember as much as we could.

In our maths this week we have been learning more about addition and that addition can be done in any order. We learned how to add single digits to another number and add 3 single digits together. We used number pairs ( 3+7   5+5   8+2 ) and doubles ( 3+3   4+4 ) to help us add more efficiently.

How would you add ......?

                2 + 5 + 8 =


What makes 10?

In our science work this week we learned more about how animals grow and wrote about the life cycle of the ladybird. Do you know how it grows?

We enjoyed using the chrome books to give instructions to make objects disappear and move when they are clicked. 

In RE we wrote prayers about our current value of Respect and enjoyed hanging them on our prayer tree.

Week beginning September 4th 

Welcome to our new Woodpeckers – you are looking so grown up now you are in year 2 – we hope you enjoyed your summer holidays.

All the children have settled in well and are learning the new year 2 routines.


We are enjoying sharing our holiday journals – if you haven’t sent yours in yet there is still time to bring it in to share.