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Happy holidays everyone! The Autumn Term starts for children on Thursday 5th September

Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School.At St Mary's we combine modern facilities and teaching whilst retaining traditional values.“There is a strong sense of nurture which leads to the provision of warm pastoral care”. Ofsted 2016.“Standards are consistently good and on track to become outstanding”. Ofsted 2016“Pupils behave extremely well. Their conduct is outstanding”. Ofsted 2016.

Woodpecker News - Summer Term 2017

Week beginning 10th July  2017

Rock The Boat Production

Woodpeckers have loved presenting their KS1 production with Kingfishers. Everyone worked so hard to learn their words and all the songs. They were BRILLIANT !

Week beginning 3rd July  2017

Woodpeckers have been putting the final touches to the KS1 production Rock The Boat. 

In our Science work we observed the final changes between our cress seeds. We noticed that although the cress in the dark was taller it had turned yellow and thin while it looked for light. We answered our questions explaining how the dark had affected the cress.

Through the week we retold the story of Noah's ark and continued to open, edit and save our writing in our computing work.

Week beginning 19th June  2017

Woodpeckers enjoyed another summer week as we planned our own stories choosing what to include, who to include and where to set it. We used exciting words and details and did lots of planning and talking with our learning partners. At the end of the week we wrote our extended stories and everyone worked very hard!

We have been very busy observing and looking after our plants. We have noticed how they are changing. We planted our cress seeds and put one pot in the dark cupboard. Can you see the differences?

In computing we learned to enter and save information as we wrote about the caterpillars in our classroom.

We also visited the new VLE page and discovered how it can help our learning.

Check out the new online spelling tests.

These will really help you to spell all those different spellings!

Week beginning 5th June  2017

This week we started our new topic, 'Our Green World' by listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We wrote some great character descriptions about Jack using some expanded noun phrases.

On Wednesday we visited Wisley Garden, we were very lucky with the weather and had a brilliant time. There was so much to see!

At the end of the week we used our Wisley trip to help our learning. On Friday we investigated a number to find different flower arrays and read clocks to show the times of the events from the day. We also wrote some super recounts using some lovely details and different sentence types. What a fantastic day everyone had!

We have also been busy with our Frensham Art. Can you work out what we are making?

In science we are working as a group to grow the best plant. We have thought about where to put it so it gets all the things it needs. Do you know what plants need to grow?

Week beginning 15th May  2017

What a very busy week – Woodpeckers have all worked very hard!

We have learned more about healthy food and created a healthy meal using foods from all the important food groups.  Later in the week we thought about different ways we can maintain hygiene and why it is so important.

In our English and History work this week we learned more about Grace Darling and how brave she was. We acted out how Grace would have spent her days and the night she helped rescue poor survivors of a shipwreck. At the end of the week we wrote narratives about that special day in her life.

In maths this week we learned how to measure capacity and read scales. We also used our calculations to help Grace solve different problems.

In our art lesson we enjoyed tearing tissue paper to create sea pictures.

Week beginning 1st May  2017

This week Woodpeckers have been busy solving multiplication and division problems by recalling and working out facts.

Don’t forget to complete the My Maths task to help your learning.

We also started to learn more about fractions and enjoyed finding out which fractions are equivalent.

In science we learned more about keeping ourselves healthy and sorted food into healthy and unhealthy groups.

We have also been using our sentence skills writing stories, character descriptions and instructions.

We enjoyed our computing this week when we learned to use precise coding instructions to make a magician perform magic tricks.

In Forest Schools we learned how to use tools to cut and shape pieces of wood.

Week beginning 17th  April 2017

Woodpeckers enjoyed a busy first week back after the Easter holidays. We started the week listening to the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and at the end of the week we retold the story trying to use noun phrases, a list using commas, sentence starters and our new WORDS OF THE WEEK. 

In maths this week we have been learning to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amount of money and how to find change. 

In our science work we are learning about the importance of exercise and for humans and completed some physical challenges to see what happens to our bodies when we do exercise.  On Friday we started to practise our country dancing ready for the May Celebrations. 

Week beginning 20th  March 2017

 Woodpeckers enjoyed learning more about weight this week. We worked in small groups to estimate then measure objects from around the classroom using Kilograms and grams. Then we used our knowledge to measure out ingredients as we worked with Mrs Molay to cook some delicious cheese and bacon muffins. 

In our science work this week we learned how animals get their food by making food chains. We learned that all food chains start with plants which are eaten by animals. Then these animals become food for other animals. 

In our english work we researched an insect using the chrome books and at the end of the week we wrote an information text about it. 

On Friday we enjoyed taking part in Signpost's Easter story and learned more about the events and HOPE of Easter.

Week beginning 6th  March 2017

This week Woodpeckers have been busy writing their own poems about animals and minibeasts. They started by collecting descriptive words and phrases and then wrote acrostic and shape poems. Pandas enjoyed performing their group poem to the class.

Forest school group 1 enjoyed their walk on the common this week and made a journey stick to remember all the things they had seen.

At the end of the week we investigated micro-habitats that we found on the field.  We enjoyed finding different minibeasts and thought about why they are found in these different places.

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed listening to Rex's dad telling them all about his exciting work when he visited during our weekly show and tell.

Week beginning 20th  February 2017

Welcome back to another busy term!

We started the week by evaluating our castles. We thought about how we made them, what we liked about them and what we might change if we were to make another one in the future! They are now displayed in the library and reading room.

In our English work we have been learning the story of Baby Elephant. We listened carefully to the story and answered questions using inferences and predictions. Through the week we used the story to improve our sentence work including using conjunctions like when, if and until and using contractions like didn't and couldn't. At the end of the week we thought about different events and wrote our own stories about Ephra. 

In our maths work we learned how to use place value and number facts to solve missing number problems. We also continued to tell the time to 15 minute intervals ( quarter past and to ) and began to tell the time to 5 minute intervals. At the end of the week we used our clocks to explain what was happening to Ephra through her day.

This week Woodpeckers also enjoyed attending the Bedtime Stories session and learned more about keeping safe through the NSPCC assembly.

Week beginning 30th  January 2017

We started this week by celebrating Chinese New Year with a wonderful workshop. We played some very noisy instruments as we took part in a fantastic dragon procession. Back in the classroom we heard the story of how the animals were chosen for the Chinese  calendar and retold the story in our own words.

In our maths we continued our learning about fractions and found halves and quarters of shapes, amounts and numbers. We listened to the story of St. George and the dragon and retold the story in an extended writing session. 

After designing our coat of arms at home we made our shields to show our interests and family information.

This week Woodpeckers really enjoyed their Forest School session. They went on a walk to the common and made a memory stick to remember all the things  they saw on their journey.

Week beginning 16th  January 2017

This week Woodpeckers have been busy collecting descriptive words and phrases about castles which we used to write riddles and descriptive settings about castles. 

In maths we learned more about multiplication and we investigated arrays showing multiplication and division statements. We had to recall our 2, 5 and 10 multiplication facts quickly. We were so fast! At the end of the week we used our learning to solve word problems.

This week Teddy needed our help! He had worn his paper hat out to play but it had got wet! We thought he needed a hat or a coat or an umbrella but it needed to be waterproof. We predicted then tested different materials to find out which were waterproof and would make the best item.

In our RE work we investigated parables and we became detectives to find out what they are and where they are found in the Bible.  Our Forest School group had great fun building their dens this week.

We continued our learning about famous queens and discovered some interesting facts about Queen Victoria which we recorded on webs. We looked at some great books that some of the Woodpeckers had brought in to show and were horrified to learn what life was like in Victorian schools! We also saw a book given to children when our current Queen Elizabeth had her coronation.

We have been enjoying reading about kings and queens and other famous people during our reading sessions and are really looking forward to our trip to Windsor castle next week to discover even more information!

Week beginning 9th  January 2017

This week Woodpeckers have been learning all about castles. We learned the key parts of a castle and asked our own questions. Then we researched information and worked together in our groups to record as much information as we could remember. We used this information to help us write longer sentences using the conjunctions and, so, or, but , because, when and until. On Friday we wrote an information report using all we had learned and began it with an introduction. What a lot of learning !

In our maths work we investigated adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. We used practical resources and written recordings to help. At the end of the week we solved problems by deciding what to do and applying our learning. 

Don't forget to complete your My Maths task!

In our science work we thought about why objects are made from certain objects and what else they could be made from. 

This week we also continued our learning about Elizabeth 1 and Tudor life. We discovered how she wanted to help the poor and encouraged people to explore different countries. In our RE work we learned that stories can teach people things and that Jesus told stories called parables.

Our Forest School groups restarted this week and we had great fun making forest crowns, making fairy homes and investigating a strange object. A special thank you to James' mum from Kingfishers who organised the learning.

Week beginning 19th  December 2016

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed our Christmas lunch and we wore our very festive Christmas hats. During the afternoon we transformed them into Christmas trees and decorated them with tinsel. On Wednesday we celebrated the end of this  term at our Christmas service where we told the story of the nativity. 

Week beginning 5th  December 2016

This week Woodpeckers have been busy thinking about Christmas. We have been discovering why angels announced the birth of Jesus. We sorted pictures to show what an angel might look like and wrote about what an angel is. 

This week we have been learning to tell the time to 15 minute intervals using o'clock, half past , quarter past and quarter to. In our english work we have been learning to write poems using descriptive words and phrases. We also learnt to describe the contrasting locality of Tocuaro in Mexico, by listing the human and physical features of the village.

Woodpeckers have been working hard making some Christmas decorations. We hope you like them.

Week beginning 21st  November 2016

This week Woodpeckers presented our learning at our Family Assembly. We all enjoyed presenting The Papaya That Spoke story and showed off our quick recall of multiplication facts. 

We have also been learning about division and investigated dividing numbers by sharing and grouping objects. Remember to visit My Maths to practise your skills!

In science we sorted and classified objects by identifying whether they are alive, dead or have never been alive. 

So ... is a flame alive ? Add your comments on the VLE forum!

During the week Forest Group 1 enjoyed their session investigating colour wheels and Green group enjoyed baking their jam tarts. In art we made a collage leaf picture using tissue paper.

What a very busy week !

Week beginning 7th  November 2016

This week Woodpeckers have been learning about Remembrance. We discovered lots of information and wrote our own report. We also made our own poppies to make a class wreath.  Whilst we held a special Remembrance service at school, Imy and Zac represented St. Mary's School at a special Remembrance service in Farnham.

In maths this week we continued our learning about addition and subtraction and solved problems using our knowledge about number facts. 

In science we learnt how objects can be alive, dead or have never been alive.

Group 1 enjoyed their first Forest School session and Blue group showed their cooking skills.

During our library session this week we watched a learning clip on our new interactive screen.

Week beginning 17th October 2016

Over the term Woodpeckers have enjoyed sharing their holiday journals. If you would like to write about this holiday you could add it to your journal or write a comment on the VLE page.


This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning to recognise coins and find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money. Visit our VLE page and follow the short cut to the money game. We really enjoyed playing it.

We have also been learning to research information and write an information report. We found out some amazing facts about our chosen animal. In geography we learnt more about the countries and capitals of the UK and enjoyed playing a world map game.

In DT we planned and made a fabric face using different materials and joining them together. Can you guess who we are?

Week beginning 3rd October 2016

This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning how to measure lengths and heights using metres and centimetres. We explored the playground to find objects to measure - we needed to make sure that we started on 0 and read the scale carefully. We also learned to estimate our measurements and compare lengths using less than < , greater than > and is the same as = . At the end of the week we investigated a question and measured our bodies to find the answers.

Who is the tallest child in the class?

Who has the longest foot?

Does the tallest child have the longest foot? 

Woodpeckers have also been busy learning about adverbs this week. We used some to describe the actions of our characters - slowly walked - ran quickly and opened the door cautiously !

In art woodpeckers learned to make new colours and shades by mixing the primary colours of red, yellow and blue. In RE we wrote prayers for our prayer tree about our value Respect. 

Week beginning 19th September 2016

This week Woodpeckers have enjoyed reading The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. We used the text to learn to use more time connectives and conjunctions in or writing and at the end of the week we wrote the story.

In our maths work we investigated using different vocabulary for addition. We learned to add single digits by counting on and spotting number facts. We also added 3 numbers by spotting number facts.

This week we also learned what is inside the Bible and found out that it has 2 parts and many books of letters, poems and rules not just stories. At the end of the week we all enjoyed some sunshine time with an extra playtime.

Week beginning 5th September 2016

A big welcome to our new Woodpeckers and their parents. We look forward to an exciting new term. 

This week we have been busy getting to know our new routines and classroom. We have written about our holidays and have been learning about number patterns in our maths work.

We have enjoyed sharing our holiday diaries. What a busy time everyone had!

In our science work we matched pictures of animals to their young and used pastels to create a portrait of ourselves. 

In our computing lesson we learnt to give and follow instructions.

Week beginning 10th July  2017

Monday @ Selborne

Woodpeckers enjoyed a fabulous leavers day out at The Gilbert White Field Studies Centre at Selborne.

The day started by visiting the museum and finding out about the explorers who travelled to Antarctica. We found out what they took with them and what it was like to be there. We learned all about the daily life of a South Pole Explorer through object handling and we loved dressing up in the explorer's clothes.

After lunch we worked hard as teams to pull each other in sledges to see what it would have been like to pull the sledges of equipment to the South Pole. It was very hard work!

After an afternoon zig-zag walk we enjoyed a pizza tea followed by toasted marshmallows. Then we made clay animal footprints and bug hotels before going on a late evening bat walk.

Once our teeth were cleaned, everyone zipped into sleeping bags and settled for the night. What an exhausting day!

Week beginning 26th June  2017

This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning songs and lines for our summer production.

You will find song words and music on Woodpecker's VLE page - Rock The Boat!

This year we have all worked really hard to learn to spell our exception words. It is really important to keep learning and using them in our writing. We can practise them on our VLE spelling page -  see Summer 2 folder.


We have been finding out how Christians worship in our RE lessons. We investigated psalms and songs and used our ideas to write our own psalms about our wonderful earth. We have also been bringing in things that are amazing and make us say WOW!

One thing that made us all say WOW was when we released our butterflies this week. How beautiful they looked!

We all enjoyed a special lunch on Thursday and had great fun eating Street Food in the playground.

On Friday we brought our bikes and scooters into school for a pedals course. We learnt how to ride them safely around the school playground.

Week beginning 12th June  2017

This week Woodpeckers enjoyed their last St. Mary’s Sports morning. It was a fabulous event and everyone had great fun as we took part in all the different races. The spud and spoon, obstacle and dressing up races were the favourites with some while some of us liked the sprinting and relays.  There were also some great throws with the javelin and everyone enjoyed their ice lolly. Even the mums and dads joined in and had their races!

Earlier in the week we wrote an extended story of Jack and the Beanstalk trying hard to include more conjunctions.  In maths we added and subtracted 2 digit numbers. In science this week we observed how our flowers are growing and changing. We also predicted what would happen to some cress seeds if one pot was left in the classroom and the other was put in a dark cupboard. We will find out next week.

We finished sewing our flowers and put them altogether to make our Frensham competition picture.  

Week beginning 22nd May  2017

Woodpeckers have enjoyed their final week this term.

In our English work this week we wrote instructions about keeping our teeth clean. We used different sentences to show questions, commands and exclamation sentences.

Later in the week we watched a film clip called the lighthouse. We wrote character descriptions to introduce the character and then we retold the story trying to include as much detail and description as we could remember.

In science this week we investigated what happens when pieces of bread are touched by different hands. We kept one piece clean, touched one piece with washed hands and touched the final piece with dirty hands. After a week we could see that all of them had mould growing on them as food doesn’t last forever. The piece that had been touched with dirty hands had a lot more mould growing on it. We all decided that it showed us how important it is to wash our hands and keep good hygiene so we don’t spread germs!

In maths this week we learned more about subtracting 2 digit numbers and how subtraction is the inverse of addition.  At the end of the week we told a story about Grace’s day reading clocks to 15 and 5 minute intervals.

Also this week Group 2 took part in their last Forest School session this year and enjoyed a tasty treat.

Week beginning 8th May  2017

Well done Woodpeckers – you were amazing dancers at the May celebrations. Everyone looked wonderful and remembered their steps very well. Congratulations to Eva and Harry for being voted May King and Queen and a big thank you to the Woodpecker mums who treated us to our delicious may cakes.

This week we have enjoyed creating our own lighthouse pictures in the style of Vincent van Gogh – very impressive!

We have all worked very hard this week learning to find fractions of shapes, numbers and also solved  problems with fractions.

Don’t forget to complete the My Maths task to help your learning.

In our writing work this week we wrote instructions to help Mr and Mrs Grinling. Later in the week we wrote questions about Grace Darling and wrote notes when we discovered more about her life.  

Our words of the week are...

We also decorated our own patterns to show our beautiful names for Allah.

Week beginning 24th  April 2017

This week Woodpeckers have been busy learning how to make their sentences even more interesting. We learned more about using adverbs, conjunctions and speech in a text. At the end of the week we planned some super stories about Mr and Mrs Grinling who after sorting out their seagull problem now have a new problem! Read about our stories next week!

In maths we developed our learning about money. We showed different combinations of making the same amount and helped Mr and Mrs Grinling with their shopping! We also worked hard to help the Grinlings solve some tricky problems using the calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In our science work we made a diary about our exercise. We are learning how important exercise is to keep us healthy and enjoyed practising our country dancing. Miss Gibson said it was the best exercise she had had this week! We hope you will be able to join us on Friday 12th to see the results of our hard work!

This week we also learned how to make different shades of a colour and then practised brush strokes in the style of Van Gogh.

Week beginning 27th  March 2017

Wow, what a busy week of Easter activities we have all enjoyed! On Monday we visited Frensham common to find Easter eggs left by the Easter bunny.

Then we painted our eggs for the Great Egg Roll and made our Easter hats for the hat parade. Don't we look fabulous?

On Wednesday we took part in our Easter Pause Day when we learnt about the true meaning of Easter. Woodpecker class joined Kingfisher class to do lots of different activities together. We made crosses for our Easter cards, wrote a prayer, found out why people were so blind to the word of Jesus and made chocolate nests as the sign of rebirth. What a busy day!

Week beginning 13th  March 2017

This week Woodpeckers have been busy collecting information about elephants. First we watched video clips and researched information using the chrome books. Then we used our information and wrote some super sentences using different conjunctions. Finally at the end of the week we wrote our own information text using all the information we had learnt.   

In our maths this week we have been collecting data and constructing block diagrams about our favourite animals. In science we predicted which habitat woodlouse would prefer - damp or dry - then carried out a simple test to discover the answer.

In RE this week we listened to the story of Jesus and the two thieves and thought about the things the thieves might have done wrong. We wrote our ideas on post-it notes and stuck them to the crosses. We learned how Jesus died to restore people's broken friendship with God.

Week beginning 27th  February 2017

Woodpeckers really enjoyed showing off their talents this week to the rest of the school. The acts included piano performances, football and rugby skills, poem recitals, songs, magic tricks, dancing and a science experiment. Well done everyone - you were super!

Back in the classroom we continued our learning about animals in unusual habitats and learned how they are suited to living in them. In our maths work we learned more about adding 2 two digit numbers. In our english work we wrote character descriptions of Ephra and wrote our own stories about a character who never listened! What a lot of trouble they caused!

Later in the week we enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters. 

Week beginning 6th  February 2017

What a great end to a great term's learning about Castles and Queens. This week Woodpeckers worked hard to make their very own castles. The children designed their models then worked collaboratively to select and paint resources, adding the key features they had learned all about. Well done everyone!

Forest group enjoyed their last Spring session with a lovely cup of hot chocolate after creating forest clay faces.

Week beginning 23th  January 2017

Woodpeckers really enjoyed their royal visit to Windsor Castle this week. 

Once we had arrived we watched the changing of the guard followed by an interesting tour of St. George's Chapel. There was so much to see and learn. After lunch we visited the state rooms and saw a very large dolls house!

Back in the classroom we wrote some super recounts of our trip. In maths we continued our learning about division and used our knowledge to solve word problems.

We continued our learning about life in Victorian times and discovered all the changes that happened.

In RE this week we heard the parable of the lost sheep and thought about the hidden meaning behind the story. 

Week beginning 2nd  January 2017

Welcome back to a new year! 

This week Woodpeckers have worked hard as we returned to a new year.

St Mary's celebrated the long history of our village school when we were visited by special guests and Mable and Joseph dressed up in old school clothes.

In our science work we searched the school for different materials and thought about why objects are made from different materials.  In maths we learned to represent numbers on a number line - we found counting in 10s helped us to know where numbers should be placed.

On Friday we celebrated Epiphany Day and learned more about the journey of The Wise Men. Clare baked us special Epiphany cakes and Rex was made our Class King when he found the special cake. 

In our PSHE work this week we discovered how we can learn in different ways by listening, watching and having a go. We made a hat for teddy.... we tried to make one by copying then listened carefully to the instructions but we were very confused. Then we watched a demonstration and it all made sense! Teddy loved his hats!

We have enjoyed starting our new topic.  We discovered some information about Queen Elizabeth 1 and Queen Victoria and are looking forward to our trip to Windsor Castle.

Week beginning 12th  December 2016

Woodpeckers have enjoyed a week full of Christmas activities.

We have been busy delivering the Christmas post and making lots of Christmas decorations. 

On Thursday woodpeckers enjoyed the Christmas party when they played games in the hall and were visited by a special guest while eating their tea.

We also watched a film clip of The Way Back Home and wrote a story to tell what happened. In maths we learned to tally information and to show it in a pictogram where 1 picture represented 2 items. Once we collected our information we answered questions about our favourite toys.

Week beginning 28th  November 2016

This week we completed our story work as we wrote our own stories by changing characters and events from the ‘The Papaya that Spoke’.  In our maths work we learned how to find the fractions of a half and quarters of shapes and quantities. In geography we learned about the physical and human features of Farnham.  investigated what a habitat is and learned how plants are suited to the habitat that they live in.

On Thursday Signpost came in to share a special assembly with us all about The Christmas Story. We got to join in  and had a fantastic time re-enacting the birth of Jesus and reflecting on why Christmas is such a special time for Christians!

Week beginning 14th  November 2016

This week we have been learning the story ‘The Papaya that Spoke’. We made story maps and used them to retell the story. At the end of the week we wrote the story using verbs, adverbs and noun phrases to add more detail.

In maths this week we learnt more about multiplication. We investigated repeated addition and arrays. We learnt that multiplication can be done in any order and began to recall multiplication facts quickly. Visit our VLE page to play the multiplication games and don’t forget to complete the ‘My Maths’ homework on multiplication.

In science we learnt more about living things and what all living things do to stay alive.

In RE we learnt about Zacchaeus and how he changed after meeting Jesus. This showed us that anyone can be a follower of Jesus and how to show God's love to other people.

In our computing lesson we learnt to send emails to our learning partner. We learnt that our messages need to be polite and friendly .  You could try sending an email to someone else in our class and check to see if you have received a message!

Red group enjoyed their DT lesson when they cooked up another delicious batch of jam tarts ! 

Week beginning 31st October 2016

We hope you enjoyed your half term holiday and are looking forward to this term's learning.

Woodpeckers have enjoyed their first week back with a busy week of learning.

We started the week learning all about The Gunpowder Plot and wrote our own newspaper reporting all the details.

In Computing we learned more about using our VLE and enjoyed adding comments to the different forums at home.

In Maths this week we learned to recall number facts  and estimate numbers - don't forget to look at My Maths for this week's online learning task.

We enjoyed our PE lesson when we learned hockey skills.  It was also the final week for group 2 Forest School where we created natural prints in clay.

On Thursday we mixed different shades of hot colours to paint Autumn leaves as we thought about the seasons changing. We also began to learn about cooking and nutrition as we made our first batch of jam tarts. They were delicious!

On Friday we had a visit from a teacher from a theatre group. We all enjoyed the dancing and acting - it was great fun!

We enjoyed bringing in our special show and tell items and answering questions about them!

Week beginning 10th October 2016

What a busy week Woodpeckers have enjoyed !

On Monday we presented our poems at the Harvest Service at St Mary's Church.

On Wednesday Woodpeckers travelled to The Royal Albert Hall for the Primary Proms. We enjoyed watching different orchestras and choirs from our boxes. 

After the concert we visited the Science Museum and explored the Pattern Pod, a multi-sensory hands on area where we discovered different patterns through play.  It was a long day but well worth the early start!  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were very well behaved. 

On Thursday we visited the Life Bus where we learnt more about our bodies and our feelings. In maths this week we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. On Friday we made a Christmas picture for our cards - we hope you will like them. 

Week beginning 26th September 2016

Woodpeckers have enjoyed an exciting week taking past in Forest Schools and Archery Lessons.

At forest schools the children learnt about boundaries and how to keep themselves safe. They collected wood to build a fire and enjoyed hiding themselves in a game of hide and seek.

In archery the children learnt to hold the bow and arrow correctly and soon became confident at hitting the target!

Back in the classroom Woodpeckers have been learning more about subtraction. We started the week by collecting lots of vocabulary for subtraction. Then we learnt how addition and subtraction are connected and how to subtract single digits and multiples of 10.

Week beginning 12th September 2016

What a busy first week we have all enjoyed!

This week we have enjoyed reading poems and using the patterns to write our own. We identified rhyming words, verses and repeating lines. 

In our maths work we have been learning more about place value. We partitioned numbers in different ways. We discovered that 56 can be partitioned into tens and ones ..

50 + 6

40 + 16

30 + 26

20 + 36

10 + 46

0 + 56

On Friday we were all very excited at the opening of our new kitchen and library especially when Claire baked our special Bob the Builder biscuits - yum yum ... thank you Claire !

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