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May Celebrations, 1.45pm Wednesday 25th May

Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School."Alongside a strong curriculum, the school blends in the fun rituals of village life". Ofsted 2019.“Pupils love their small friendly school. They are confident and eager to learn, polite and want to please”. Ofsted 2019."Leaders ensure that the most able pupils are stretched well". Ofsted 2019.“Pupils rise to the high expectations that adults have for them”. Ofsted 2019.As a church school we believe it is important to uphold the values God taught us in the Bible.

 Goldfinch Class News 2021-22 

Welcome to our news page where you will find photos and information about the fun we have been having in Goldfinch Class.

    This half term our learning activities will be linked to the theme 'The Land of Far, Far Away.' Have you a favourite story or nursery rhyme character that might live there?    

Week Beginning 16th May

Our story for the week has been 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' We have talked about the different characters using describing words and learnt a song to retell the story. We have also made maps to help Goldilocks find Grandma's house!

The weather has been warm so we have cooled off while exploring and learning about things that float and sink in the water tray .

We have been practising our May dancing to music this week and are almost ready to share it with families. We look forward to seeing parents and carers next Wednesday afternoon.

On Monday, we avoided the showers to enjoy a lovely morning searching for signs of spring on Frensham Common. A big thank you to all the parent helpers that came with us to help.

Week Beginning 2nd May

This week our learning has been linked to the story 'Little Red Riding Hood. We listened to the story and talked about the characters and events in the story. We thought about words that would be good to describe the wolf. Then we talked about the changes we could make to write our own versions. We write our own middles and endings for the story - What a variety of alternative characters Little Red Riding Hood met!

On Friday we took part in a sponsored walk to Frensham Pond - A Walk for Water - to raise money and awareness about the need for for clean water supplies in developing countries. We collected water with help from the grown-ups and tried hard not to spill any on our walk back to school. We talked about how in some countries, grown-ups and children have to walk to collect water and how it's not always clean. It made us realise just how lucky we are to be able to turn on the tap for clean fresh water in the UK.

Week Beginning 18th April

Welcome back to school everyone. We hope you enjoyed a bright and sunny Easter break.

This week we began our brand new theme 'The Land of Far, Far Away.' Over the half term our learning is going to be linked to different stories and nursery rhymes. This week's story was the Enormous Turnip. We listened to the story and made our own story maps to help us to retell the story.

We talked about fruit and vegetables (like turnips) being important to eat as part of a healthy lifestyle. Then we made our own healthy fruit smoothies - delicious!

We planted our own bean seeds to grow some healthy food of our own! We are going to look after them and watch them grow and change over the next few weeks.

We also learnt how to record our voices on the talking tins. We made recordings of our favourite nursery rhymes and played them back to each other. 

Week Beginning 21st March

This week our learning has been linked to the role of doctors. We have learnt about where doctors work and the sorts of things they do to help us stay healthy and well. We have 'packed' our own paper doctors bags and written labels to show what we have included. We have loved dressing up as doctors, writing notes and using doctors' equipment as we play.

We have thought very carefully about the features of our face and tried to include as much detail as we can in our clay models of faces.

We have made beds that fit our poorly toys too! We measured them and then ordered some by length. We compared the beds using words like longest, longer than, shortest, shorter than, about the same length as.

Finally, we have been rather busy making some lovely cards for some very special people. Who might they be...?!

Week beginning 7th March

This week we have learning about firefighters. We have learnt about what firefighters do, what they wear and about their fire engines from books, photos and video clips. We have compared photos of modern day firefighters with those of long ago and talked about the differences and similarities. We loved watching an old 'Fireman Sam' TV programme which inspired us to write our own firefighter stories.

We have dressed up as firefighters too, filling up pretend extinguishers and learning capacity words such as full to the brim, half full, half empty, empty. We had great fun putting out imaginary fires in the playground!

Some of us chose to make some super model fire engines while others loved playing with our small world fire station and fire engines.

Week Beginning 21st February

Welcome back to school everyone. We hope you enjoyed a lovely half term break.

This half term our learning will be linked to our brand new theme 'People Who Help Us.' This week we have been learning about the role of teachers. We have set up a school in our role-play area and we have written signs for it. We have also made our own posters of school rules.

We have also enjoyed making paintings of our teachers - what a lot of budding artists there are in Goldfinch Class!

Week Beginning 24th January

We have been learning through activities linked to 'A Teddy Bear's Picnic' this week. On Thursday we made some delicious cakes. We talked about the different ingredients and how they changed when we mixed them all together. When our cakes had finished baking, we noticed how they had changed and we talked about what made them change - somebody suggested the oven was hot and that is how they cooked and changed!  On Friday we, and our teddies, enjoyed a picnic and ate them all up -delicious! Then we wrote some instructions for how to make cakes.

We also enjoyed a terrific Chinese music workshop this week. Our visitors brought lots of exciting instruments into school for us to play as well as fans, parasols, lion and dragons for us to dance with. We learnt a lot and had great fun!

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Week Beginning 10th January

This week our learning has been linked to action figures. We have looked at pictures of action figures and played with different action figures and noted the size and how some have moving parts. We talked about how we might use action figures when we play to make up stories and adventures for them. Then we designed our own action figures and labelled our pictures. We had great fun making up names for them all!

We also made some fantastic split pin robot toys and enjoyed decorating them in different ways.

Week Beginning 6th December

On Wednesday and Thursday Goldfinch Class performed the Christmas nativity play 'Shine Star Shine.' The singing was spectacular and everyone tried so hard to remember their words, to talk with loud voices and recall where they should be. A super effort by all - Well done Goldfinches!

Christmas has come to Goldfinch Class and we have enjoyed lots of Christmas craft activities this week including card making, creating Christmas tree decorations and Christmas jumper designing which involved lots of cutting and sticking.

We also loved making paper chains. We each made one of a different length to everyone else and then compared them using length words such as longest, shortest, longer than, shorter than, about the same length as. We counted how many links were in each paper chain to find out exactly how long they were and then we ordered them by length, shortest to longest. Good work everyone!

We had great fun playing with ice shapes too. Lots of little toys were trapped in the ice and we had to try to find ways of setting them free! We talked about what we could see happening and learnt to use words like melting, warmer, colder, frozen, freezing, ice. I wonder if we will see any icy puddles this weekend? 

Week Beginning 22nd November

This week we began learning about Winter. We have talked about the signs of Winter and the kind of clothes we need to wear when it gets cold! We wrote our own Winter poems - click the thumbnails below to read them.

We also painted some snowflakes, and hung them up in the classroom - beautiful!

We love to play with our friends - these children enjoyed making their "Winter Town" together. Super cooperative play!

Week Beginning 8th November

This week we have been learning about the signs of Autumn. We have written captions for Autumn pictures and looked at items you can find outside at this time of year. Then we made our own drawings of signs of Autumn and added written labels.

On Thursday we learnt about Remembrance. We watched some video clips and talked about the different ways the armed forces are remembered. We held a Remembrance service with Rev Jane and made our own paper poppies which we used to create a wreath.

Some children chose to make some beautiful poppy pictures by printing with paint. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures.

In PE we have enjoyed learning and practising our football skills with the games coaches.

Week Beginning 18th October

This week we have enjoyed learning activities linked to birthdays. We made lists for a party, listened to birthday themed stories and made birthday cards. In maths we compared 'birthday food' by weight using a balance and learnt to use words like heavy, heavier than, heaviest, light, lighter than, lightest. 

On Friday we prepared for and enjoyed a brilliant party held in the afternoon. We made repeating pattern paper chains, made jam sandwiches, blew bubbles outside and played party games. Everyone agreed they had had great fun with a favourite activity being....eating the jam sandwiches!

Have a very happy half term break everyone and we shall see you all for a brand new theme in just over a week’s  time.

Week Beginning 4th October

This week we have been learning about harvest time. We watched video clips, read together and learnt about how our food is gathered up before it makes it's way to the shops. We have also learnt about what happens at a harvest festival service. We look forward to taking part in the school harvest service on Friday when Goldfinch will be singing a song by themselves! (We have been practising hard!) 

We have been learning how to write shopping lists and have enjoyed writing down our favourite foods that we would like to buy at the supermarket! Click on the thumbnails below to read our lists.

We have also had fun printing with fruit. Some of us even managed to print a repeating pattern!

Week Beginning 20th September

This week we have learnt the names of the different parts of our bodies. We have drawn pictures of ourselves and written labels and we have even taped labels to each other!

We have painted some marvellous self portraits. We looked into mirrors to help us try to choose the right colours and paint the right shapes on our paper. We used fine brushes for the detail and fatter brushes for covering larger areas.

We also explored the different things we can do with our bodies. We drew pictures and wrote 'I can...' sentences to show what we can do. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge and read our work.

Week Beginning 6th September 

A huge welcome to all our new Goldfinches! We are really looking forward to getting to know you all and having fun together. This week we have been learning to look after our own belongings by putting them away by ourselves when we come into school. We have also been exploring the classroom areas, inside and outside, and making lots of new friends!

A super start to a brand new year and a brand new school! Well done everyone!

Week Beginning 23rd May

Our learning for the week has been linked to the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty.' We loved making our own Humpty Dumpty's using 3D shapes. What a variety we had!

On Wednesday afternoon we performed our country dance and Maypole Dance to parents and carers as part of our traditional May Day Celebrations. We had a lot of different steps to remember and recalled them all! Afterwards we enjoyed eating our very special home made May Day cakes - yum!

Week Beginning 9th May

We have enjoyed learning all about spiders this week. The nursery rhyme for the week has been 'Incy Wincy Spider' and we have read lots of facts about spiders and created our own spider fact booklets. Click on the thumbnails below to read some of our writing.

We were really excited to meet Farnham firefighters on Friday. We learnt all about the kit firefighters wear, the equipment they keep in their fire engine and the sorts of jobs they do. We all got to climb into the cab of the fire engine and we even had a go at squirting water on the green. What a brilliant morning!

Polly put the kettle on has run out of tea cups in her teashop. Goldfinches have made some new ones for her!

Week Beginning 25th April

Our nursery rhyme for the week has been 'Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.' We have enjoyed designing our own gardens.

We made some beautiful paper plate flowers for Mary's garden.

We also enjoyed role-playing visiting a garden centre. We chose two items to buy and had to find the right coins to match the total cost. Then we recorded our learning using pictures and numbers.

Week Beginning 28th March

We have had very busy week with lots of Easter themed activities. On Monday we enjoyed learning about the Easter story and responding in different ways.

On Wednesday we went to the common to hunt for Easter eggs. 

On Thursday we made Easter hats and decorated eggs for our annual hat parade and egg rolling competition. It was a very blowy day so we had to hold on tight to our hats!

On Friday we walked to the church where our end of term Easter service was held. Goldfinches waved newspaper palm leaves as they processed around the church to 'We have a king who rides a donkey.' 

Have a happy Easter holiday everyone and we shall see you back in school on Tuesday 19th April.

Week Beginning 14th March

We have been busy learning about the job of a police officer this week. We have also made our own 'wanted' posters and enjoyed dressing up as police officers who take down important notes about they observe!

We have looked carefully at the uniforms that different people who help us wear and painted pictures taking care to choose the right sorts of colours.

On Wednesday enjoyed a visit from 'Spirit of the Wild' and met and learnt about all sorts of different animals. Some of us even got to hold some of the them!

Week Beginning 28th February

We have been learning about builders this week. We have enjoyed playing in our role-play construction site outside and we have made our own stories using the small world diggers. We loved using junk to create our own models of vehicles that might be seen on a building site.

We also listened to the book 'Dig, Dig, Digging' which inspired us to write information sentences about builders' vehicles.

On Thursday we all dressed up for World Book Day and enjoyed a marvellous parade of all the classes. What super costumes!

Week Beginning 7th February

Goldfinches have been very busy this week! We visited Milestones Museum to learn about and explore toys from the past. The children enjoyed looking around the museum and learning about what it would have been like to be a child living in Victorian times. They played with lots of the toys and had great fun learning about how things were very different in the past.

We have been learning about how the Chinese celebrate their new year too. We have watched slideshows about their different customs and traditions and looked closely at some Chinese artefacts, dressed up in Chinese clothes and even made our own Chinese dragons.

On Wednesday Mrs Dodgson visited our classroom for Godly Play. We shared the story of Noah's Ark. We thought about our favourite part of the story, which parts were the most important, whether any of the parts could be missed out and how we might fit into the story. We all shared our thoughts and then went into the hall to reflect on the story with some different activities.

Week Beginning 17th January

 This week we have been learning about toys with wheels. We have thought about different objects that have wheels and why. We have written some facts about wheels and explored toys that can move. We used the beebots and programmed them to move forwards, backwards and sideways. In maths we have been using numicon to find number bonds to ten. We turned our number bonds into trains.

In PE we have been doing archery and learning how to fire a bow and arrow. The children have learnt to set up their bows independently and to stand correctly in order to hit a target. We have some crack shots in Goldfinches!

Week Beginning 4th January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and are well-rested and ready for learning. This half term our learning will be linked to the theme 'A Toy's Story.'

This week we have been learning about different sorts of puppets. We have our own puppet theatre in the role-play area where we have enjoyed making shows for each other.

We made some super string puppets with a little help from the grown-ups to add strings and to use the split pins. We had great fun making our puppets dance and act out our own little stories.

On Thursday our Epiphany Queen was crowned - she selected the cake with the chocolate button hidden inside! Here she is on royal duty!

Week Beginning 29th November

We enjoyed playtime in the snow on Monday morning and in the afternoon we enjoyed painting our own snowy townscapes. We looked at how real artists made wintry pictures and tried some of their techniques in our own work.

We have been learning to recognise different coins and using money words like value, worth, more than, less than, penny, pence, pound. We have also bought things using 1p coins from our role-play shop and played a great game where we had to make a set of 1p coins on screen to match a value.

We enjoyed listening to Mrs Dodgson telling us the Christmas story and taking part in the different follow-up activities as part of our Godly Play session.

Week Beginning 15th November

We have continued our learning linked to Autumn and this week we have written our own poems on the theme. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the pictures of our work for reading.

We have also enjoyed putting two sets of items together and counting them all up to find the total. We played a great game to encourage cooperative learning.

Rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity Play are in full progress. The children have done a spectacular job learning most of the words to all the songs they will be singing and they are doing well at moving to the right places when it's time to shine on stage! We would love all the children to learn their words at home off by heart for a really smooth and spectacular performance so please could we ask all parents to support with this. All children have had their words on slips of paper sent home in zippy bags this week. Thank you!

Week Beginning 1st November

Welcome back to a new half term and a brand new theme - Autumn and Winter. This week our learning has been linked to Autumn festivals. During the first half of the week we learnt all about the Hindu festival 'Diwali.' We learnt about how the festival is celebrated and made clay diva lamp holders and decorated them with brightly coloured paint and sparkles.

Our role-play area has become a shop. We were all very excited to begin our Christmas shopping early this year!

Thursday and Friday was spent learning about Bonfire Night. We watched a video about how Bonfire Night is celebrated and listened to the story about the failed Gunpowder plot. We talked about our own experiences of Bonfire Night and learnt about how to stay safe during the celebrations. We made our own paper shape fireworks and talked about our work naming the shapes and using words like corner, side, curved, straight, long short, bigger than and smaller than. Next we wrote firework words and added them to a big display of our work.

We also made beautiful firework pictures using the Chromebooks working hard to select different colours and changing the size of our painting tool using the slide.

Enjoy a happy, safe and warm Bonfire Night everyone!

Week Beginning 11th October

Our learning has been linked to our families and our homes this week. We enjoyed sharing and talking about family photos and drew and labelled pictures of our own homes. We tried hard to listen out for sounds as we said the words out aloud and then tried to write these sounds down using the right letter shapes.

We made pictures of houses using paper shapes and counted the different shapes we used. Some of us drew extra details on our pictures and wrote numbers to match our drawings. 

We enjoyed showing our beautiful sunshine behaviour to all the visitors on Friday's open morning as we explored the different activities around the classroom. Another busy week completed!

Week Beginning 27th September

We have enjoyed learning about and using our senses this week. We have been on a senses trail and used many of our senses when decorating our gingerbread men!

We worked hard to write our own lines for group poems trying to listen out for the sounds in the words as we said them aloud and using sound cards to help with letter formation. Click on the thumbnails below to read our poems.

Week Beginning 13th September 

 We have been getting to to know the rules and routines this week. We have enjoyed joining in whole school assemblies and playing in the playground with Woodpeckers and Kingfishers. We have talked about super sunshine behaviour and tried hard to make sure we are showing it all the time in school.

We have had fun making pictures with plastic 2D shapes and talked about the shapes we used and what our pictures show.

We have had great fun playing with magnets and finding out what they can do.

We continue to get to know each other and build respect and friendship through songs and games - the parachute was a great hit!

Have a great weekend everyone!