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Welcome back Kingfishers and Goldfinches, it's lovely to have you here. Woodpeckers, we miss you but enjoy Miss Gibson's wonderful online learning page.

Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School."Alongside a strong curriculum, the school blends in the fun rituals of village life". Ofsted 2019.“Pupils love their small friendly school. They are confident and eager to learn, polite and want to please”. Ofsted 2019."Leaders ensure that the most able pupils are stretched well". Ofsted 2019.“Pupils rise to the high expectations that adults have for them”. Ofsted 2019.


Welcome to Kingfisher Class. This term our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'. Check out the VLE for more information.

Week Beginning 24th February 2020

To start off our new topic on the Great Fire of London, Kingfisher class made some super pictures of houses on fire. We painted the backgrounds in different colours of red, yellow and orange and then stuck our houses over the top of these. Finally in literacy we brainstormed adjectives to describe the fire and wrote these on flames.

We learnt about Shrove Tuesday and had great fun running pancake races in the hall. Mrs Dodgson won the staff race!

Week beginning 27th January 2020

This week we had a wonderful workshop run by Storm, Angela and Kate, all about Chinese New Year. We found out about lots of different Chinese traditions and joined in with the drumming and dances. It was so much fun!

We made Chinese envelopes for each other and Chinese dragon puppets.

During maths this week we have been making and comparing teens numbers in lots of different ways.

Kingfishers have been learning all about maps in Geography. We found out what maps can be used for and then made our own maps. Using directional language we guided our partners around our maps to find treasure.

Week beginning 13th January 2020

What a brilliant week we have had. We especially loved our trip to Portsmouth Harbour! Kingfisher class went on board HMS Victory and learnt all about the lives of sailors, what they ate, where they slept and what jobs they did whilst at sea. After lunch children took part in a workshop. They dressed up in sailor's uniforms, made medals and found out lots of disgusting facts!

Back at school Kingfishers planned and wrote a recount of their day - using time linking words and adjectives.

For science this week we have been looking at the properties of different materials.

Week beginning 16th December

Christmas has come to Kingfishers!

What a busy and fun week we have had, making lots of Christmas crafts! On Monday, Kingfishers made Christmas hats and cards.

On Wednesday Kingfishers decorated their hats, made calendars for the New Year and had a super Christmas lunch with Woodpecker class, Goldfinches and all the adults. It was yummy!

On Thursday Kingfishers made a cracker for a classmate. Each one contains a little surprise! Then after lunch it was time for the Christmas party. Everyone played party games in the hall and had a special afternoon treat that had been prepared by the parents. We even had a visit from a very special guest! Can you guess who?

We even found time in our busy week to make Robin decorations!

On the last day of term we went down to Frensham church to celebrate Christmas with Rev. Jane. Kingfisher class have rehearsed a song and a prayer for the service.

Mrs Dodgson and Miss Parsons would like to wish a merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the holidays and see you, ready to learn, in the New Year.

Week Beginning 2nd December

This week kicked off with Godly Play. Kingfisher class learnt all about the Christmas story and the coming of the shepherds and the three wise men. They then went into the hall to reflect upon and respond to the story.


Week Beginning 18th November

Mrs Dodgson and I were super proud of Kingfisher class for behaving so beautifully on our school trip to Guildford Cathedral on Monday. They found out about the meaning of advent and the Christmas story. They thought about how each person within the story had felt and created a Christmas story recipe. Back at school we thought about our trip and wrote letters to the Cathedral staff.

In maths this week Kingfishers used positional language to describe where they had left toys in the class.

We combined art with history and topic this week to make a piece of artwork that remembered those soldiers who have fought or are still fighting to keep us safe.

During music children worked in small groups and improvised making up their own tunes using a selection of different instruments.

Finally we ended the week in mufti - dressing up and raising money for children in need.

Week Beginning 11th November

This week we have been thinking about memories and why we remember. We have looked at pictures of soldiers who fought, or are still fighting in wars all around the world. On Monday at 11.00 o'clock, Kingfisher class joined the rest of the school on the green to take part in a remembrance assembly led by Rev Jane. Children had donated money to the British Legion and bought poppy themed items.

Kingfishers looked at how soldiers lived when they went off to fight in the past. They put down all their thoughts about what they could see.

We then wrote letters to an unknown soldier.....

During RE, we discussed important books and children brought in their own books to share with the class.

In Maths, Kingfishers' have been working on subtracting single digit numbers using blocks, numicon and along a number line.

On Friday we raised money for Children in Need by coming to school in our pyjamas - even Miss Parsons and Mrs Dodgson dressed up.

Week Beginning 7th October

It has been a very busy week for St Mary's this week. Mrs Dodgson and I are super proud of the way that Kingfisher class learnt their harvest prayer and songs. All the children were  beautifully behaved at church even though we had a very soggy walk there and back! Well done to you all.


We had an open morning mid week and lots of new people visited Kingfisher class to see what we have been learning about. We investigated our 5 senses and then used all of our senses to follow instructions and cook gingerbread superheroes! 

We made some super sensory posters....

In PE this week, coach Tom taught us how to perform 3 different types of roll - the pencil roll, the egg roll and the very tricky teddy roll.

Week Beginning 23rd September

In English, Kingfisher class have been reading poems about superheroes and our senses. They added their own lines to poems and tried to include adjectives.

We have been continuing to find numbers that are greater than, less than or equal to each other in maths this week.

We learnt how to keep safe on the internet by using passwords and know that we must never give away information about ourselves. We all logged on to the VLE using our own passwords and played interactive games and completed our spellings!

In PE, with coach Tom we continued to investigate ways to travel over equipment and learnt how to jump and land safely on the floor.

Kingfishers used an atlas to find the capital city of England. We talked about our own experiences of visits to London and what we had seen. Then we looked at some of London's landmarks. Many of Kingfisher class had been on the London Eye, seen HMS Belfast and visited Buckingham Palace. We all chose something that we might see in London to draw.

Week Beginning 9th September

This week we have been settling into our new classroom and learning our new routines. We have already been busy writing in our new books and learning all about capital and lower case letters.


In maths we have been sorting, ordering and counting objects to 10. We have also been looking at how to write number sentences.

In P.E. this week we met coach Tom who will be taking us for gymnastics for the Autumn 1 half term. Kingfishers learnt the importance of listening carefully to instructions as well as how to hold a shape.

Week Beginning 2nd March 2020

During English we thought about the Great Fire of London and the diary that Samuel Pepys had kept. We found out what it was like to write with a quill pen and then wrote a diary entry for the first day of the fire, imagining how we might have felt if we were there!

We had a fantastic day on Thursday and dressed up as book characters from our favourite books. We showed off our costumes, to every class, in a book parade in the hall. All the teachers and helpers dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland and our work was all based around the story. Miss Parsons was the Cheshire cat and kept disappearing, so Miss Brockman taught us too!

In maths this week we have been comparing numbers to 50 and Miss Brockman showed us how to add a single digit numbers to two digit number using denes, numicon and number lines.

Week Beginning 3rd February 2020

This week Kingfisher class took part in a Godly Play session run by Mrs Dodgson. It was all about The Creation. After listening to the story and expressing their thoughts, Kingfishers reflected through some creative tasks.

In maths this week we have been using our measuring skills to help Pirate Pete find a friend, find the correct sized cutlass and make a hat for all his scurvy shipmates!

Pirate Pete was in trouble again during our science lesson. He set Kingfishers the challenge of finding a waterproof bag to keep all his treasure dry in. Kingfishers tested lots of different materials such as tin foil, clingfilm, fabric, tissue paper and card.

We have been finding out about aerial maps this week. We made our own maps of the classroom using different objects from around the class. It was great fun, but very messy!

On Thursday night many of the Kingfisher children came back to school in the evening to join Woodpeckers and Goldfinches for bedtime stories. They were read three stories, one in each classroom and had hot chocolate and biscuits in the hall. It was great fun!

Week Beginning 20thJanuary 2020

This week in Kingfisher class we have been researching facts about Horatio Nelson on the chrome books and writing our own information booklets. Our booklets are now finished. They have a contents page, glossary, photographs, diagrams and factual sentences.

We found out that disaster had struck Pirate Pete this week! His ship had sunk and he needed to build a new one! Kingfisher class had to investigate which materials would float and which would sink so that Pirate Pete could use this information to build his new vessel.

On Friday night everyone got dressed up in their best party clothes for the school disco. What fun we all had.

Week beginning 6th January 2020

Welcome back Kingfisher Class, we hope you had a lovely Christmas break and are now raring to go! 

For this half term our topic is called 'Ships Ahoy' and this week we have been writing labels and captions for a square rigger ship. We followed instructions to make our own treasure maps and then wrote a set of instructions using time linking words and bossy verbs for Woodpeckers to follow.

In maths we have been using teen numbers and learning that they are made up of 1 ten and units. We made teen numbers in different ways, using denes, numicon, tens frames and cubes.

At the beginning of the week we had an 'Open the Book' assembly and learnt all about Epiphany. We had Epiphany cakes at break time and one lucky Kingfisher became queen for the day after she found a chocolate button in her cupcake!

Week beginning 9th December

This week we followed a set of instructions and made super Chocolate Rudolph's. We also made a cuboid shape to put them in. In literacy we then wrote a set of instructions for Woodpecker class to follow.

In maths we learnt all about time to the half hour. Everyone made their own wrist watch with a secret time on. Kingfishers then had to discover what their friends time was.

In science we continued to learn about the weather and thought of different ways that we could measure the wind and made windmills.

Week Beginning 25th November

What a fantastic start to the week we have had. On Monday morning we had a visit from the Police! Two police officers came and talked to us about the police force and showed us a police car. The children even got the chance to sit inside it!

Then on Monday afternoon we had a visit from Signpost who told us all about the Christmas story. It was great fun and we all joined in with the acting and singing.

We have been looking at time this week in maths. We thought about how long a minute is and how many different times we could complete an activity in that time. Then we found out how to tell the time to the O'clock. Some of us used this knowledge to solve a mystery time challenge.

During art we made collages using different types of paper and lots of glue!!

Following our visit to Guildford Cathedral last week and the visit from Signpost on Monday, we looked at advent in more detail this week. We are all waiting for Christmas and will soon be opening the first doors on our advent calendars. So on Friday we thought about the 4 weeks that Christians use to prepare for the Christmas period leading up to the day when Jesus was born. We made Advent Wreaths and Christingles in class. A big thank you to the mummies who came into class to help us.

Week Beginning 4th November

Welcome back Kingfishers, we hope you had a lovely half term week and have come back to school ready to learn.

This week we have been looking at subtraction in maths. First we made up our own takeaway number stories and then we learnt how to write subtraction number sentences in different ways .

As it was bonfire night this week, we have found out about the Gun powder plot and used a firework display as inspiration for poetry writing. First we thought of everything we could see, hear, taste, smell and touch and added adjectives to describe these.

Some of us made collages of rockets shooting into the night sky to go up in the classroom.

During RE, we thought about our school values and then wrote prayers to go onto our prayer tree. 

Week Beginning 30th September

Kingfisher class have been reading a superhero story called 'Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea'.  They have written slogans for a superhero, described a story character and planned to retell the story using a story mountain.

In maths this week we have been looking at ordinal numbers. We have ordered lots of objects like counters, cars and people. Why not try and order some of your toys at home? Or, have a race with your friends to see who comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Gymnastics, with coach Tom, was 'gymtastic' this week. The children learnt how to put a jump, balance and 2 shapes into a small rountine. They had to demonstrate good team work too as their routine was performed with 4 other team members!

On Friday Kingfisher class got to go in the Life Education Bus which parked up outside St Mary's. The children learnt all about their bodies, naming some of the different parts and found out how those parts work together.

Week Beginning 16th September

This week in science we have been looking at different parts of our body which we carefully labelled. Then we thought about our bones and made skeletons.

During R.E we learnt about symbols and how they are used to represent things. We thought about different ways that we could describe God.

P.E with coach Tom was great fun this week and we all learnt how to travel into space and over equipment safely and in imaginative ways.

During English this week we have ben learning how to write captions and in our number work we have been finding numbers that are 'greater than'. We have been using Charlie Crocodile to eat the biggest numbers.