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May Celebrations, 1.45pm Wednesday 25th May

Touch screen Chromebooks and tablets ensure our children have access to the latest technology.Our children enjoy exploring and learning in the countryside with our Forest School."Alongside a strong curriculum, the school blends in the fun rituals of village life". Ofsted 2019.“Pupils love their small friendly school. They are confident and eager to learn, polite and want to please”. Ofsted 2019."Leaders ensure that the most able pupils are stretched well". Ofsted 2019.“Pupils rise to the high expectations that adults have for them”. Ofsted 2019.As a church school we believe it is important to uphold the values God taught us in the Bible.

 Home Learning 

Try a few of the activities below to help you get ready for school.

Communication and Language

* Play Kim's game

* Make up a story with your family, taking turns to tell each part

* Use toys or puppets to act out a story or to put on a show

Roll, squeeze, stretch, pinch, pull, shape and mould playdough

* Draw your favourite part of your day and talk about your picture with your family

* Ask your family to give you action instructions - hop 4 times and jump 3 times, clap your          hands once and do 5 star jumps

* Learn a nursery rhyme, poem or song and say or sing it aloud - ask your family to join in

Physical Development

* Walk, run, skip, hop, climb, bike and scoot

* Cutting and sticking

* Threading and lacing - make a pasta necklace

* Hang up the letters of your name in order with clothes pegs

* Paint with water on the fence or patio

* Start and finish a jigsaw puzzle

* Get yourself dressed as quick as you can 

* Use the toilet, wipe yourself, flush the chain and wash your hands all by yourself

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development

* Construct something together.

* Play hide and seek - Ask a grown-up to hide one of your toys - see if you can find it. Ask             your grown-up if you are close or far away from your toy  as  you look using clue words             like warm, warmer, cold, colder

* Practice turn-taking, sharing and playing by the rules in these games...

Card games - snap, pairs

Board games - snakes and ladders, ludo, dotty dinosaurs


Stuck in the mud

What's the time Mr Wolf


* Make marks and pictures using pens, paints, pencils, crayons, chalks

* Practice writing your name

* Share a favourite book with your family

* Find your name amongst a small selection of different names written on cards or post-it         notes

* Make a picture list of the things you need at the supermarket


* Look for different shapes around the home

* Count the number of toys you have

* FInd your four favourite toys and give each a knife, fork, spoon, cup and plate

* Look for different numbers around the home or outside - door number,  car registration         plate

* Find things that roll and things that slide

* Make a repeating pattern with things around the home or outside - shoe, leaf, stick, shoe,       leaf stick ...

* Ask your family - how many times did they clap? Repeat with other  actions  - head patting,      jumping, nodding

Understanding the World

* Look for natural items outside, collect them up and make a pattern, picture or sculpture         with them

* Listen out for birds singing in the garden - can you see them in the trees?

* Talk about what else you can find outside

* Make fairy cakes or jam tarts

* Play age appropriate online games and apps

Expressive Arts and Design

* Junk modelling - make a rocket, a lorry, a boat or an aeroplane

* Build with construction kits - make a house for your toys, a car, an imaginary land, an                 amazing machine

* Collage - cut and stick pictures from old magazines, old birthday cards, pieces of card and       paper to make a new picture

* Draw, paint and colour - make picture of your family, your pets, a imaginary creature, an           unusual plant

* Role play a doctors' surgery, a cafe, a police station, landing on the moon with your family

For more advice and guidance, parents, please click on the picture links below.