The person you are is an expression of your core values. They determine how you think and what you do. They shape your purpose and determine your vision. They establish your character. In fact, they are extremely important to who you are.


As a church school we believe it is important to uphold the values God taught us in the Bible. We believe that the ethos of our Christian school and it’s community should be built on a foundation of core Christian Values. Our six core values were suggested and agreed by the children of St Marys. They represent those things that the children think are particularly important to hold dear.  

Love 'Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Mark 12:31     Respect ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you. ' Luke 6:31     

We study a different value each half term.  This is a focus for collective worship and is routinely reinforced in the classroom and throughout children's daily lives.  We refer to the values as Christian values because we illustrate them through Bible stories.  However, these universal values are essential for developing the character and moral foundation of all members of our community and we strive to make them relevant to children's everyday lives, exploring what the values might look like on the playground, in the classroom or at home.  


  Fairness ‘Grant justice and do what is fair' Colossians 4:1     Forgiveness ‘Love prospers when fault is forgiven but dwelling on it seperates friends' Proverbs 17:9   

Love We care for each other and the World that we share

Respect We are accepting of each other and form positive relationships

Forgiveness We give people the chance to start again   

Fairness We consider the needs of others and challenge injustice

Honesty  We show integrity and are brave in telling the truth   

Humility We are humble and think of others before ourselves

Honesty ‘Speak truthfully to your neighbour, for we are all members of the same body.’ Ephesians 4:25    Humility ‘Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up.’ James 4:10 

Every week, we give out certificates to children who have demonstrated the school's Christian values through their day-to-day behaviour and the way they treat one another. As our children live out our values, they are invited to add a coloured leaf to our values tree. As we grow, so does our tree. We aim for our children to be able to reflect on these values and apply them to different circumstances and problems, so developing their understanding of right and wrong that will guide them through life.